35-12.50-18 Fuel Mud Grippers and Xd Bombs

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    20130917_093621.jpg 20130917_093633.jpg 20130917_093643.jpg 20130917_093614.jpg I have a set of 35-12.50-18 Fuel Mud Grippers on 18x9 XD Bombs. The whole set has around 6k miles on them now except for the right front, I picked up a nail and I hate patching tires so I bought another. Was going to use the patch one as a spare but a customer needed a quick one so gave them that. The new tire has 259 miles as of right now. Castings still on it as of now also. Drive about 45 miles a day and would like a smoother ride than mud tires. I would take $2200 obo right now for the set to get them gone and would get them put on your truck for free if you would like, or can be picked up. Tires will stay on the truck until interested buyer comes to me. I am in West Monroe, La. If interested please text 318-557-84two5. I don't have to go on and on about when to call me since this isn't craigslist but please don't text between 10p.m. to 9 a.m. any time after that is fine. Might do some trading but worst I can say is "naaa". Sorry about no pictures on here right now but my phone can not upload any to here.

    Thanks, Nick.

    Possible Trades: Toyo A/T II's with good tread like mine, a 325-60-20.
    or Falken Wild Peaks in a 325-60-20 also.

    Only wheel trade would be for a Fuel Maverick in All black or Chrome and Black for my XD Bombs.
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    still for sale?
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    Sorry I forgot these were even listed on here. They are gone now.

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