350 engine replacement in my new 1985 GMC Sierra

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by mindiebee, Jan 23, 2012.

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    Hey Guys, I just bought a 1985 Gmc Seirra from NC a few months ago, and since i havent got her on the road yet, i figured i switch out the 305 for one of my dads old 350's, the rear main seal leaks pretty good, and so does the valve seal, plus i plan on hauling equipment and fourwheeling, so why not right.
    The thing is im stubborn and dont want to ask my family of motor-heads for help until i understand this whole process a little more. I know the engine has to go get cleaned up, sand blasted, re-bored, and i can paint it. But i dont know what else. do i need to buy a new crankshaft and camshafts, pistons, rods, o-rings , etc. ? Im not lookin for an essay on it all, just a general idea so i dont look like an idiot!

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