350 Rebuild Question(I'm doing my first engine rebuild!!)...

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by ahobson1, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Hey guys, I'm looking into rebuilding my first 350 for my 82 K10 4x4! I'm really excited to try it. I've been doing a ton of research and I really think I could do this! But the thing thats really been confusing me is the cam. From what I understand cam replacement is pretty routine with an engine rebuild... I'm not really looking to build this thing for a whole a lot of performance. I'm not looking to impress anybody, I just want a nice stock(or close to it) engine that will run well for many years and keep my old dinosaur on the road. The big headache I'm running into is figuring out which cam to buy when the time comes? I don't know which one would be the best fit for my truck. There are so many different sizes to choose from with the lift and duration. Anybody have any advice? I don't know where to begin in purchasing one because I'm not even sure what size the stock cam is. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your input!
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  2. Silverado Junkie

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    Just look around at camshaft manufacturers and get a "mild" performance cam. It will give a little more punch than the stocker without making your truck unreliable or get bad fuel milage.
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    Alright you will want to call up comp cams, and order an RV towing cam, they will be able to make sure you get the right one when you order by year, model, and gears, tranny type (auto, manual)
    With an RV towing cam you are getting a bit more torque, and at a lower RPM range.. This will help to keep your truck moving for a long time to come..
  4. ejohnson03

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    100% agreement with Murdog94....
  5. tbplus10

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    Almost every cam manufacturer website has a contact # or email, call or send them the specs on your truck and what your expecting to do with it and they can give you some good advice on what cam would be best.
    The RV cam is probably the most popular one sold for mild performance without all the nasty side affects and that'll probably be their recomendation but it cost's you nothing to pick their brains for advice, these companies sell thousands of cams a year and their techs know there stuff.
  6. murdog94

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    I agree.. I wasnt just plugging comp cams.. That is one of the better known cam makers, and I have ordered from them and they were really good. But as TBplus says there are a lot of other companies.. Good luck with your engine build.. And keep us posted...

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