350 vs 454 , reliability and durability?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by omnisi, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. omnisi

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    Yes, I just posted a long intro "help" post, but thought this was more direct to one question.

    I saw the 350 vs 454 gas mileage thread, but does the 454 hold up as well, and as long as the 350? I mean given same/proper maintanence? I have had 350s and 305s since I was 16 yrs old ( actually first one was a 307) and know how they hold up.

    Can I expect to get the same number of miles and service from a 454 as I can with the 350?

  2. KidHauler

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    I just put my .02c in on your other post. I truck before the Burb was a 2500 with the 454 and it was awesome, but I ran out of seats:)
    I think trailering with the BB is easier on the truck, and mpg wasn't that bad either. The thing to watch for on the 90's era Vortecs is the intake gasket. I think most of us on the forum have changed it at least once.
    With maintanence, both should last forever.

    Good luck,
  3. crane3447

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    Heres my two cents:

    I owned a '91 2wd 2500 GMC with a 454. Thing was a tank. I push that truck way past what should have been normal. Or so I thought. I'm a mason so I really use my work trucks. I bought it with 220,000 kms on the clock and sold it with 325.000. A friend of mine bought it. A landscaper. It was a fram truck from new so the orginal own put extra leaf springs on for weight. Thing had 12 leafs on each side. Anyway my buddy regularly carried 6000 lbs in it. Not a typo. 6000! he distoryed the truck but couldn't hurt the motor.

    I now have another 454. This time in a '97. Very low kms. This one NOT going to work if can help it.

    Really comes down to what are you using it for. I have seen a good many big blocks with 500,000+ on them.

    Just don't be heavy on your right foot. drive smart or you can watch the fuel gauge drop.
  4. omnisi

    omnisi Rockstar 100 Posts

    Probably not much towing, maybe a 19' boat a mile or so to the water 3-4 times a year(inlaws'). Mostly beaching/camping heavily loaded with 4 teens, friends, and dogs.

    This particular 454 im looking at is a 96, 2500, with 132k miles on it. 2nd owner w/all service records. Older guy brought it down from Alaska (they dont use SALT there - he said). Has very nice wheels with good tires, and all service records...has 3rd seat, running boards, keyless entry, block heater(n/a here in FL) ,and off-road tires. He wants $4200 for it.

    I know I would love the power when loaded on hwy, or stuck at camp. My ONLY hesitation is the 454... both the mpg and the service life of the 454. Thats why the post...guess Im looking for reassurance from more experienced folks on the 454.

    More thoughts??

  5. crane3447

    crane3447 Rockstar 100 Posts

    The price sound pretty good to me. Given all of the extra stuff thats already done to it. But I know first hand about the intake gasket. 1 month after I bought my '97 I had to replace the gasket. Luckly I have a good at home machanic. Had to replace the rear pinon bearings as well and some seals had gone from "sweating" to "leaking".

    Truck is in like new condition so I didn't mind to much. I plan on keeping it.

    But if I were you, get it looked at by someone you can trust.

    BTY : I drove my '97 from Calgary to my home town in Newfoundland. About 5800kms in four days. Lost the idler pulley at about 5000. Flying down and bringing it back to Calgary in May. I might drive as far south as Indiana. Take the scenic route.

    You could say I trust the motor...hope this helps.
  6. omnisi

    omnisi Rockstar 100 Posts

    thanks... no worries. i swapped jeep motors for chevys for years. Intake gaskets, diff seals/gaskets, and other exterior engine repairs are no prob. I dont do inside engine work or machine work...this is what I hope to avoid.

    From what I am hearing, is it correct to figure that the 454 has the same/similar srevice life as the 350? Sounds that way....

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