35's switiching to 33's?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by bossman1364, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. bossman1364

    bossman1364 New Member

    I have a 2009 Silverado Crew Cab, 6 inch Fabtech lift and 35 inch tires. The lift and tires were installed when I bought it from the dealership. My question is, if I downsized to 33 inch tires will it help out very much with the downshifting all the time and the loss of power? I don't want to re-gear it since it only has 6,700 miles, but it feels like a dog with 35 inch tires.
  2. kgibson181

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    A better option imo instead of downsizing tires to gain the power back, is to just buy a tuner. With a tuner you can change your shift points in the rpm ranges and incorporate other tunes that will replenish your power just as much as if you were to re-gear or downsize. Diablo's Predator tuner is what I would recommend, it offers multiple options tune wise, a diagnostics section, and its a budget tuner at only 300 bucks which is cheaper than gears or 33's. Hope this helps and heres a link to the diablo site with all the specs.

  3. Greg84

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    It might help some, but its still not going to be as good as stock and might look strange running that much of a lift with only 33's.

    For what its worth, I've got 33's and I'm thinking about regearing..
  4. Big75

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    I would re gear. I know that's not what you're looking for but that's my $.02
  5. silveradotrailblazer

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    Get the programmer now because when you regear you will need the programmer to adjust for the gears. I also use the Diablo Preditor tuner. I would check with the dealer to see if the trucks computer was reflashed when the lift was added. If they dont know try to get them to reflash the computer with the lastest GM program and then install your tuner. The Diablo has the most adjustments and fine tuning of all the programmers. You still should regear because your trannys getting a work out with out them (shorter life). I'd go with 4.10s or 4.56s. I have had both and prefer the 4.56s with 35" tires.

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    I forgot to mention on my last post, dont waste your money on the 33" tires. You wont see a big enough differance for the cost of the tires. You said you dont want to regear now because of the warranty, well if the transmission goes I'm positive they will blame the oversize tires. Regear, Regear, Regear!!!.
  6. canislupis69

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    What gears does your truck currently have? I agree, bite the bullet and do the gears, you won't regret it.
  7. bossman1364

    bossman1364 New Member

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. Luckily my truck was lifted by the dealership prior to me buying it so everything is covered under warranty. I contacted the truck shop who installed the lift for the dealership and they too recommended the tuner rather than different tires. They suggested the superchips tuner which will allow me to change the shift points, shift firmness, tire size etc. Maybe down the road I will re-gear, but for now I think I will try the tuner. And Bobby, I'm not sure what gears I have but I think I remember reading 3.42 on the window sticker....
  8. 04-silverado

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    If you've spoken with the shop that did the lift, and the dealership which contracted it, and neither of them says that they had it re-geared... then the RPO (Regular Production Option) codes, typically on a sticker in your glovebox, will tell you which gears the truck had in it from the factory.

    You can LOOKUP individual RPO codes here.

    Here's another site that I like, which groups the codes by "family" (i.e., rear axle codes).
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  9. bossman1364

    bossman1364 New Member

    Wow great thank you for the link. It has NOT been re-geared
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  10. 04-silverado

    04-silverado Rockstar 100 Posts

    as an aside:

    I've heard that going to the GM/Chevy dealer's service department, and asking nicely... they'll take your VIN and print out the RPO codes along with the descriptive text for each (typically two pages)... and likely would do that for free, just to have yet another "satisfied chevy customer"! I'm going to try it myself, next time I'm over that way (near the local Chevy dealer)...

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