3rd row seat question (third row seating)

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  1. raueda1

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    re: 90's series Tahoes:

    Do the 2 seat row Tahoes have 3rd seat brackets (even id they're under the carpet)? I've got a 3rd row seat from a '96 suburban and wonder if it would fit into a similar vintage Tahoe with 2 row seating. Thanks!
  2. RedHoe01

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    The 90's tahoes did not have a 3rd row. 2000 was the first year of the second generation tahoes that had the third row seat option. I have an 01 with no 3rd row. I wondered if mine had the brackets but I dont think it does. I cant feel them under the carpet.
  3. tattooed4life

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    From what I've researched from people claimg they have 3rd row seats from 95-99 tahoes and yukons is that they will work but alot of them state that you must also purchase a mounting bracket kit. It looks as if the kit bolts into wear the factory tie downs are in the cargo area. Hope this helps
  4. RedHoe01

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    Are they talking about brackets for the suburban models still being in the floor? I know first gen tahoes only had one row of seats.

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