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    Looking at a few Suburbans, 1999 has a large amount of room for third row passanger. 2007 has very little 3rd row room. My question is; is the 00-05 models like the 99< models or 2007> models as far as the 3rd row leg room.

  2. KidHauler

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    Our '02 has ample room in the third row, and easier access than our '99. Of course, I'm kinda short, so maybe not the best guide.

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  3. RWK

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    We have a '09 Suburban. There's is not much leg room. I wish the 3rd row had adjustable tracks to slide the seats back.
  4. Sandhopper

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    I could be wrong but it seems like there was more leg room and more storage in our 02 Yukon XL over our '10 burban. Maybe because we switched from Bench 2nd row to capitans chairs.

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