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  1. whitedog76

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    How come GM axed the 4.2? It was perhaps one of the most innovative engines ever built. At 291 hp and 277 ft lbs of torque, it would've been a great compliment to the Colorado/Canyon. Not to mention it is by far a much better engine than the antiquated 4.3 in the 1/2 ton trucks. It would even be a great alternative to the 4.8!
  2. gnfshn283

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    The I6 4.2 is what I have in my Trailblazer it halls the groceries and gets the boat to the lake just fine but fuel efficient it is not.
    Another reason may be that people don't want to pay 25-30 thousand dollars for a vehicle with I6 in it when they can get the 5.3
    for little or no increase in price. I have a friend that owns a Silverado with a 5.3 under the hood .He says he gets 18-20 mpg hwy.
    My I6 gets 14-17 mpg . That would be my guess as to why they would shelve the I6 4.2
  3. tbplus10

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    Inline 6's have never been fuel efficient, but they do offer a lot of horsepower and torque, unfortunately with the Govts. new standards coming into play those engines probably couldnt make the numbers needed to certify.
    Given a choice between a V-6 and an I-6 from a horsepower point of view I'd always pick the I-6, back in the days when I played with Jeeps a lot I always looked for Jeeps with I-6's due to the amount of torque they made and the ability with a few changes to make more torque than many V-8 engines.

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