4.3 chevy 1/2 ton won't start in cold weather

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by mtgrizfan, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. mtgrizfan

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    i have a 1997 chevy k 1500 with the 4.3. last fall it developed a problem with not wanting to start when the temp was below 30 degrees. plugging in the block heater didn't seem to help. the only way to get her started was to pour a little fuel down the throttle body (not good for it, i know). thought it might be a fuel pump, so had that and the fuel line replaced. also had the injection system replaced but it still doesn't want to start. i have been to several mechanics and no one seems to be able to fix the problem. any thoughts? thanks.
  2. dipstick

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    Hmmmm..Only cold weather? Can you hear relay when key turned to on? Seems this is a popular thread this year.
    Seems your not getting that first shot of fuel for starting. So when warm it will start on it,s own? How about after engine warms up does it start on it,s own?
    What maybe happening ..fuel relay maybe be weak/contacts.One guy had this problem was the map sensor.
    Another guy found the ignition module was weak. Just some thoughts will think on this.
  3. Ron Gainer

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    coolant sensor.... Sensor tells the ignition components deliver a hotter spark to ignite the fuel. As the engine warms up, the Sensor tells the ignition components to deliver less spark as the engine becomes warm enough to heat gasoline from its liquid state, to a vapor-state (which is much more combustible than in liquid form.)
  4. Coach24

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    Have you tried pouring a can or two of heet in the fuel? It could be that water has invaded your fuel and needs to vaporize before it will run through the system. While most fuel companies mix alcohol for winter months there is still a chance for contamination of water to fuel.

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