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    I wanted to ask what are some major problems members have had with there 4.8's 2007-Current model year.I read many people talk about the 5.3's but never the 4.8.

    Myself heard some ticking with the 4.8 I drove and asked the dealer,but they said it was normal. I also heard the same noise on a 3.9 impala that I found out had a recall.

    any input is great.:)
  2. Jimmeh

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    The only time my 4.8 has ever ticked was when it was about a quart low on oil. You will find that the 4.8 has about the same issues as the 5.3 because they are virtually the same engine. Newer models will just have the same issues as the older ones since they don't have that 4 cylinder mode (whatever the hell it's called). My biggest pet peeve that I have had with the 4.8 (and it's not even the engine) is the stupid clunk from the rear drive line. As stated though, it's not the engine. It's a very stout and reliable motor when well maintained should keep you going. I have put roughly 70,000 on mine without any issues from the motor (almost 100,000 miles and now I need to change the water pump).

    I notice that I have a small leak out of one of my valve covers, as stated the water pump needs replacing but that's all I can think of.
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    The most common problem is a bad knock sensor under the intake. Water gets in if you are one to wash your engine a lot and corrodes the contacts. Otherwise, really reliable.

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