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    Hello all,

    I have recently talked with a few people that have mentioned a few cheaper lifts. I have a 2007 NNBS silverado crew cab and i am trying to get a bigger meaner look to my truck, only draw back is i am not a big fan of being to big (6"). I have looked into a few different 4" systems and I have come to GMTC for last stop before I make my purchase.

    I am looking into:

    Rough Country 4.75" budget system
    FABTech 4" Budget System
    Tuff Country 4" Budget system

    All three of these lifts will get me the height I want but I am questioning the tire size. I am looking for someone with a similar set up to help with possible trimming, wheel spacing, offset, or backspacing. ( all of these i have little knowledge about) I am looking to put 20x10 ( Fuel, XD, or BMF) wheels and hoping for a 35x12.50 or 34x12.50. I am hoping to get some feedback in time to catch some Christmas deals on tires, wheels and even the lift. anyone with advice is good advice.

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    If you want 20x10 wheel with like -12 backspacing on a 4" lift you cannot do either 35's nor 34's. Your best bet is a 33 and even that might require some trimming.

    Also I advise not to do a budget lift, you will regret it later. A well built 4" lift is BDS, it also does not push out the front tires as bad, also I am pretty sure that it can be knocked up to become a 6" if you feel like going bigger down the road.

    Budget Fabtech 4":


    BDS 4"

    I know money is an issue but you'll have to decide what quality you want to go with,but remember its your truck, I am just telling you my opinion :money:

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