403 in 89 burb

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    So I am thinking on doing an engine build. And I have yet to build a 403, so I found a Pontiac 403 with a matching TH350 tranny. 403 is already torn down and bored .030 over. The 403 SB creates tons of torque with a mild amount of HP. The HP is easy to increase and I've honestly never seen a Burb with a 403. Will probably not help me on MPG. The 403 is a bastardized engine so rebuild kits for it aren't cheap. But alot of the parts for a 350 will fit with minor modifications. If I do get the engine I know one of the first things for it will be a block girdle, and because of the cooling issues, ensuring the cooling system is more than sufficient to overcome the blocks shortcomings. Thinking of going with all electrically driven accessories and just running two H.O. alternators off the crank (I LOVE my electrical accessories and tend to play with them more and more). Any thoughts?
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    Welcome to NY, you poor b,,,,, anyhow! I'm a couple of hours drive south of you! Personally, if the motor is that much of a pain, I wouldn't do it! I would want something that I could fix quick like! There might be a reason chevy didn't want that motor in the burbs! But then again, I have seen some Frankenstein jobs out there! 350 an 400 in Gremlins and such!
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    Thx Zuki82. Second time in the frozen north country for me. I have the current 350 in my burb right now, and have a torn down 350 in my garage already. I don't mind the PIA part of the 403. It is great engine for mechanics. But if you're the typical consumer and don't know how to take care of your engine it can be a dog. I have other vehicles to drive, so it being off the road for a little doesn't bother me much. Just kinda want the experience of doing it all. I want an engine to play with:rofl: If all else fails I will still have a trusty 350 to throw in it.

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