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  1. ryan malchow

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    my name is ryan and i have several chevy related projects im working on. Does any know if someone makes a 4bbl carb manifold for the latest modle 4300 v6?
  2. ryan malchow

    ryan malchow New Member

  3. bry2500

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    Chevrolet 90° V6
    PERFORMER VORTEC V6 (idle-5500 rpm)
    Based on the powerful Edelbrock #2111, this dual-plane intake is designed for the engine swap market utilizing 1985 & later Chevy 200-229-262 c.i.d. (3.8L and 4.3L) V6 engines with Vortec heads. With this new manifold, rodders can take advantage of the higher flow available with the Vortec head design. Performer Vortec V6 #2114 has provisions for external water bypass and may be used on either Vortec blocks or 1995 and earlier blocks. Designed for use with Edelbrock Performer Series 500 cfm carbs, it accepts late model waterneck, alternator, HEI and air conditioning.

    Found this one from edelbrock.
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    :sign0016: to the site!

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