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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ekacpuc, Oct 26, 2009.

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    I've got a 1977 C10 that i'm doing a frame up deal on. I'm looking at switching to a big block. I'm looking at some PAW engine block "kits" and there are 2 that got my attention a 427 bb and a 454 bb They're both $1800. before I get into this I want to say that i don't want to go over 6000 rpm its going to be daily drivin with the occasional weekend drag race at the strip. So they are both the same exept the 427 has the "factory forged internals" and the 454 is cast. Should I go for the forged 427 or the cast 454?

    Anyone hear anything good about PAW engines?

    One more stupid question I forgot to ask. am I correct to assume that chevy big blocks and small blocks use the same bolt pattern? My dad works with fords so that's what I'm use to... from what I understand I COULD take a TH350 or TH400 and use it on either or? Has anyone used the TH350 and a big block and had good results? This chevy stuff is all new to me.
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    Never heard of them but looked at the site (assuming this is where you were gonna get them from), I would be skeptical of this. You are only buying the bottom end of the motor, they will most likely be engineered to need certain requirements for the heads, exhaust, intake. Which could easily run you a few grand more. then you still have to get all the assecories, pulleys, balancer pumps, I would just go to GMPP or edelbrock and buy a complete and tested motor, that will have a warranty as well. Maybe you have a lot of money to through around, I dont know, but a motor all from the same place would be a safer investment to me. Plus if you want to use this as a driver and not just a drag vehicle, you need a reliable engine. An awesome drag motor is not always the best daily driver.
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    Indeed. Also, I'm pretty sure that the SBC and BBC have different transmission bolt patterns, like fords.
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    I just don't understand why everyone is pretty sure one way or another about the bolt pattern.. after further research most of the patterns are the same 63 to 1980ish big block small block... just not a few of the new ones.. Anyways this isn't the forum for me. Thanks for the "attempts" to answer my question but I'm aware that its the bottom end + block. Edelbrock 350 is $4,795.95 + shipping to alaska and that is a lot of money to come up with all at once. Was hoping for a engine builder to tell me what to give up cubes or forged.

    I'm not trying to be rude but I didn't get anywhere near an answer and the answer that I got was by someone who didn't know...
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    An important question you need to answer first, what compression are you going to have and do you want to ever supercharge or turbo it? If you are not worried about boosting or nitrous, the 454 is fine. However, if you want to be safe, forged internals is NEVER a bad decision.

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    Also, my two cents, if possible, find a reputable local builder (again if possible), and work with him. That is always a good thing to work with someone directly building something for your needs. That's my take.

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