454 vs. Vortec 350

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by LoneWolf'burban, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. LoneWolf'burban

    LoneWolf'burban New Member

    Should I work up the 1984 454 in my 'burban or should I rebuild a Vortec 350 and replace it? 3/4 ton, lowered and slick.
  2. Silverado Junkie

    Silverado Junkie New Member

    Dont get me wrong, i love a 350. They run great and last forever. I got one in my truck but i love the beefy low-end of a 454.
  3. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    X2.... That 454 is a power house and puts out more power for less money than the 350...
  4. Ares89Burb

    Ares89Burb New Member

    If you want quick easy power. Do a Procharger setup. Reliable horsepower as long as the original 454 is in good shape.
  5. LoneWolf'burban

    LoneWolf'burban New Member

    454 it is then. And even though the beast is rated at under 300hp from the factory, it's got a bottem end like Pamela Anderson has a top end. Cam and lifters then pro charger when I have time, money, and ambition all at the same time.
  6. dannys99

    dannys99 New Member

    Nothing beats cubic inches, rebuild the big block, the torque is amazing and its alot funner to tell people you are running a 454 rather than a dime a dozen 350. nothing wrong with the 350 but why downgrade?
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  7. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    You will be abloe to get some good money for the vortec 350, I know in my area in craigslist it is hard to come by a vortec 350 that even needs to be rebuilt let alone a good one
  8. pmartin816

    pmartin816 New Member

    I have to agree. So long as you dont mind putting gas in that beast I would stay with the 454. I love the 350 but if I had the 454 I wouldnt down grade.
  9. Silverado-Joe

    Silverado-Joe New Member

    i think we can all agree the 454 is where its at but of course i have a vortec 350 and i love it. but the power of a 454 is awesome
  10. LoneWolf'burban

    LoneWolf'burban New Member

    Ok. Everybody says 454. Is there a way to make it a 454 Vortec?
  11. murdog94

    murdog94 New Member

    Your would need to get a 1996 up 454 Vortec, and get an intake manifold for your truck since you are running a carb, and of course a bigger carb (depending on usage id say absolutely no smaller than a 750cfm 4 bbl. What makes a Vortec is the heads, and the intake is a bit different otherwise a lot of the bottom end is the same as any other GM SB, BB... But for cost I would just aim for something in the 1970s to 1995. They are cheaper and parts are usually cheaper.. but you will still want that 750plus CFM carb on it no matter what. Running a non Vortec 454 you wont really notice a huge difference till you start to do a ton of mods then you will notice the difference in flow from the stock heads.. But here in lies what you want to do.. A good reliable stock 454 is going to do just about anything that anyone can throw at it. And the nice thing is going that route you can actaully stop at any parts store in the world and get 454 stock parts as compared to specialty parts.
    just my 2bits.

    Oh and if you can score a 1990-1995 out of a 1 ton that is complete intake to oil pan along with the asseccories then you will be able to switch to a single belt system in your truck. Eliminating the multiple V-belts that your truck currently employs...
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  12. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis New Member

    Let me be a dissenter .If you drive lots of miles-say 15,000/yr-the 454 might drink 1500 gallons per year vs 1000 gallons for a 350- 500 difference gallons might be $2000 per year more for fuel at $4/gal.

    If you drive just 3000 miles per year-454 it is.

    Gas is going up,so it just depends on how much you drive.

  13. sharpshooterusmc

    sharpshooterusmc New Member

    i definatly agree, there is no replacement for displacement
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  14. LoneWolf'burban

    LoneWolf'burban New Member

    Plain Jane carbed 454 it will be. I drive a lot. A Lot... A...LOT. Just because it is y favorite hobby. Bikers have bikes and the open road. I have a big truck with miles and miles of gravel roads with hills and curves. I've driven my brother's S-10 with an I4 and it's pathetic compaired to my 'burban. As you said "There's no replacement for displacement," there's nothing like how a big, heavy vehical rides and handles. So long as we're not talking box vans and semis and such. I need a Caddy now.
  15. GMTruckManiac

    GMTruckManiac New Member

    I recently purchased a 1998 gmc 2500 4x4 with a big block 454. the best part about it..72,000 original miles. what are some cheap mods i can do for better mileage/power because i know how 1998 was a terrible year for emision standards "holding" the engine back. now being the hick that i am i will straight pipe it soon so what else would be wise to do to it?..
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  16. LoneWolf'burban

    LoneWolf'burban New Member

    Either Y or cross over pipe it to even the pressure between the pipes if you run duals. And don't butcher the sweet song of the Chevy V-8 with flowmasters. Notice I didn't capitalize the brand due to lack of respect. Glass packs and headers sound the best but may cause irritation in some people's ears. Especially BMW, Mercedies, Volvo etc. drivers who look down on us for our chosen hobbies and careers and may call the police with noise complaints. Magna Flow would be a good conventional shaped muffler if you want a low tone that sounds good. Everybdody that tries to guess my motor size in my Sonoma GT says I have a V-8 conversion kit in it. I'll tell you now I will not replace the stock 4.3 V-6 Vortec because it's numbers matching in a one year truck. New carb. Get a brand new 750 CFM Q-Jet. Then put the work into tuning it to your truck. It is a small two barrel and a massive four barrel combined into one. Keep your toe out of it and it will save you some gas. Dig into it and it will give you lots of power. Dump the stock air cleaner. Don't spend bookoo bucks on a K&N Cold Air Intake system just for the name. Look for one with a smoothly bent intake pipe with a sturdy box and oiled gauze filter. Air hates to bend around corners and hates rough paths. You're running an OBDII computer in your Burban so find somebody with a tuner, not just a code reader and play with the air and fuel maps a bit. You'll be able to get better power and milage by tweaking the computer a bit. You may not get one with the other but there are tuners on the market that let you switch between the both of them at the flip of a switch.

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