4l60e swap?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by JOHNNYBLACKEYE, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Jimmie = tranny tech

    no need to save him.
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    Let's try to keep the flame wars down. Sufficed to say, Jimmie is an experienced transmission technician and knows a bit or two about them. Secondly, without a replacement computer that knows about the correct model motor and transmission combination, you will get check engine codes, improper shifting, and improper engine operation. Third, I have a 700R4 (the 4L60E prior to being electronically controlled) in a 91 Suburban (6800 pounds GVWR, ie HEAVY) and have pulled loads in the hills of Texas of approximately 8000 pounds with impressive acceleration and no issues. In conclusion, I recant my previous post, if the transmission is not ABUSED, it will survive just fine, and if you want more performance, modifications totalling under $500 can be made to make it nearly bulletproof.

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    I agree with most of your post. Two notes, I don't have a new computer nor do you need one for the 80 swap, just the proper wiring and you are set. Also, the $500 mods to be nearly bulletproof is a stretch. As I stated, I have five under my belt with a lot more than $500 into them. But again, "performance" is subjective.

    I don't think there are any flame wars........yet, lol.
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    OK, sorry for the late reply. Let's get serious now TYMBOB. The 4L60E uses 3 shift solenoids to get 4 speeds and uses an EPC for pressure regulation. The 4L80E uses 2 shift solenoids and a Force Motor for pressure regulation. There is no way a 4L60E computer could shift a 4L80E. Also a 4L80E uses input and output sensors which the 4L60E does not use. We're talking Apples and Oranges here. :lol:
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    [​IMG][​IMG]As you can see from the illustrations above the solenoid firing orders are totally different between the 4L60 and 4L80.
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    First, it's TYMBOM. Also, I'm done with this and I'm sure you are too. I know what's in my truck and works perfect without codes. Here's the bottom line that I hope nobody can argue with. He asked about a different transmission. The answer is yes, but costs money. Everyone happy?
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    TYMBOB, it's nice to see you changed your attitude as well as the subject. :)

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    Nothing has changed at all. I am still the only one that answered his question and the topic is still 4L60's being swapped to something better. It's great that you are a "tech" and have charts, but you are the one saying it can't be done, and wouldn't you know it, it's done all the time. I'm saying I'm sick of hitting my head off the wall and talking about it. If you want to continue this crap Himmiee, PM me. No need for an audience.
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    I never said it couldn't be done. It can be done with a stand alone computer but there will be issues. I have changed L60's to L80's with stand alone computers before. What happens is the OE computer goes into failsafe and the CEL comes on. This is a big issue in states that require smog inspections to keep the truck registered each year. You say it can be done with the stock computer but you fail to explain how this is possible. Instead of hitting your head against the wall why not tell us how it's done? I'm not the only one here that wants to know and I will be the first to admit I am mistaken if you have a way to do this conversion with the stock PCM. My take on this is if it can be done at all it would at least take a computer out of a 2500 truck that came with a 4L80E.
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    All that needs to be done is the wiring change and a new tune and obviously the driveshafts. It does need a custom tune file but not a new computer. I agree that with the stock computer "AND STOCK PROGRAMMING", you'd have issues. I think this is where our communication broke down, you do not need a new computer, you can do it with the stock ECU you just need a new program on your exisiting one. That is much cheaper than a new computer obviously. Anyone with EFILive for example can do this change. Hopefully this clears this up and we can be friends now :)
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