4l80 swap to 4l60 transmission

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by homer911, Mar 16, 2009.

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    I have a 93 k2500 Burban. The 4l80e trans that is currently in it only uses 2nd and 3rd gear. LIKE A POWER GLIDE. Really sucks needless to say. What I have done to it is, Replace trans filter 3 times replacesed both shift solinoinds, and added lucus trans fixer crap. Nothing seemed to fix the problem for more then a few weeks at a time. Anyone know what i might need to do other then have it rebuilt?

    I have a 93 s-10 blazer that the body fell off of and it has a 4l60 trans. What would it take to swap them? Is there any issues with computer? Are the wireing harnesses the same?

    I know that going to the 4l60 is not the best choice but I am stuck between a rock and Michigan ( figure that out its not hard ). If there are to many issuse then i wont do it and ill find a nice ig oak and ram it into it till it begs for mercy... :gasp:

    Thanks In Advance.
  2. Jimmiee

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    First off forget the S-10 4L60. Totally different bellhousing.

    Your 4L80E is in failsafe mode. You need to scan it and see which codes are putting it in failsafe. Failsafe is just the manufacturer's way of trying to get you not to drive your truck as there is a problem and driving it with this problem will only make the problem worse.

    Take it to Autozone and get it scanned.
  3. homer911

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    How can the bell housings be different? THe 4.3l is the same engine a 5.7l minus 2 cylinders. I dont beleive that to be a issuse. I might be wrong and problly am. The code can be pulled with out going to autozone. With it being OBD I all u got to do is jump it. I cant recall what the code say right off hand buti believe it has something to do with the 1 for shift solinoid witch has been replaced.
  4. Jimmiee

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    Well you may be right in that the bell housings are the same but even if they are the S-10 4L60E has less input, 3-4, reverse, and low reverse clutches. It has a smaller servo and the valve body is calibrated for a light duty truck.The torque converter will not work either. If you did get this transmission into your truck the computer would not recognize it and it would set multiple codes.
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    Sounds to me like you might have a wiring issue. If you've replaced with 3 different solenoids and the comp keeps showing the same problem, the likelihood of 3 different solenoids being defective is extremely rare. Or am I reading that wrong. Did you change the solenoids each time the filter was changed?

    It's going to be a tedious process, but I think you'll find you have a short in the wiring to your solenoid.
  6. homer911

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    i did not replace the solinoids each time just once...

    I did go to AutoBone today and got them to scan it for me and toi my suprize it gave me diff codes... So here they are and any input would be great..

    82 solinoid B 2nd and 3rd gear
    83 Torque converter circuit fault

    thanks in advance

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