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    Great info Bill:great:
    That info should clear things up for many

    To better understand how your own truck works, you have to know what you have
    Taking what Bill posted, look in your glove? or visor? other? for your RPO decal and look for the above posted RPO codes
    NR3 = BW4481 etc
    NR4 = BW4484 etc
    NP1/NP2/NP3 etc etc >> if not found you can run a RPO "lookup" site

    FYI, as I didn't see it mentioned
    The use of the Stabilitrak button temporarily deletes the ' engine torque managment' allowing the wheels to spin more freely in situations where you need to 'rock the vehicle' or heavy 4WD is needed as to not have reduced power be an issue.
  2. BillD64

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    When you look at the buttons shown in the picture I posted the top button represents the No Stability Control/No Traction Control position. The Stability/TC system is turned off and the vehicle is in 4 HI mode. That means the EBCM doesn't command the ECM to reduce torque and it doesn't apply any brakes to reduce wheel spin at a wheel. The last time I used this mode was shortly after I got the vehicle and was testing it to see what it would do in the various modes.

    The center button represents the normal mode that most people use. The vehicle is in 4 Hi and Stability/TC are active. The vehicle behaves quite well in this mode and the EBCM does a great job of controlling engine torque and brake application to yaw the vehicle or to transfer power from the wheel that doesn't have traction to one that does. Normally in a 4 wheel drive vehicle that has a differential style transfer case without a limited slip diff or traction control all it takes is for one wheel to lose traction and the vehicle can't move. I get around in deep snow on steep hills just fine.

    The bottom button is 4 Lo and in this mode Stability Control and TC are also turned off. I have used this a few times when I have had the truck off road and wanted the extra pulling power and the slow speed that comes from being in such a low gear. It comes in great when pulling my car trailer out of its shed when the ground is wet. In 4 Hi the wheels will spin just a bit before TC clamps them down thus leaving 4 spin marks in my grass. In 4 Lo with the engine idling all I have to do is take my foot off the brake and the truck just moves at a very slow pace without spinning the tires.

  3. GM-Guy

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    Sorry, When I said "your own truck", I was not refering to you, just generalizing

    I run a BW4481 in a Denali, which is the 1 speed, all mechanical, open diff type.....very smoooootthhh
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    I need to read through this thread! :) Good stuff guys.

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