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    Hi Guys..... I hate to sound ignorant but Ive never owned a 4WD vehicle before.... I just purchased a 2006 Yukon XL and im not sure what is the safest way to engage the 4WD. I read the manual, but its not that clear to me. Can i put it into 4Wd in park, or should I be in neutral?

    Thanks again for all your help.
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    In a truck as new as 2006, you can put it in 4wd while you are rolling down the road. You don't have to, but just lift off the gas for a second after you hit the button or pull the lever, whichever you have, to allow the transfer case to not slam itself into gear. Now, having said that DO NOT try to put it in 4wd LOW RANGE while you are moving.

    One more newbie thing, NEVER back up in 4wd on a dry, non slippery surface. At the very least, never back up wile turning in 4wd on a dry non slippery surface. You could end up damaging something expensive. The rear suspension will bind up if you do this.
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