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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by snapskates2112, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. snapskates2112

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    Bought a 04 Silverado 5.3L a few months ago with a 4wd push button engager. Not really sure the right way to switch it so I just put it in neutral push 4hi it blinks and then stays on on 4hi. Drove about a block or two and can tell the 4wd is working but after that block or two it starts making a grinding noise from the front. The sound sounds like worn out brakes on your rotors however im not braking this is just driving. Seems to get louder the faster longer its on, dont get me wrong i didnt keep it on for long. Stopped did the same to put it back in 2wd. Runs fine in 2wd, no grinding sounds. Thought id try again, same thing and noise this time just while driving i hit the 2wd drive button and a little jolt the 4wd shut off and no noise. I havent checked the front differential fluid, will possibly do that today no doubt soon. Also did the same thing in auto 4wd. If anyone knows a solution to the problem or diagnosis, thatd be greatly appreciated. Any help? Thanks
  2. RayVoy

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    You should be able to push the 4x4 buttons while driving, you do not need to stop and use neutral.

    Your description of the problem, makes me think there is some wear in the front diff, maybe gears, bearings etc.
  3. Pikey

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    Sounds like you could have a front diff issue. Where you on dry pavement or dirt? 4x4 should never be used on dry pavement. try it on dirt and see if the grinding is still there. You can switch from 2wd to 4 high without doing anything special. Just press the buttons. To switch into 4 low you need to be rolling under 5mph, put the truck in neutral and press the 4 low button. Same with switching back to 2wd from 4 low.
  4. snapskates2112

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    I was on pretty good snow
  5. 1BadV6

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    I got the same exact issue, sounds like its time for a front differential rebuild/ replacement. I'm hopefully gonna get around to rebuilding mine this weekend. mine was making a bit of noise last year but has gotten considerably worse this year. Pull the drain plug on the front diff and drain a small amount of fluid out, and see if theres any metal debris in the fluid. It'll almost look like glitter in the fluid. If so you need a new front diff

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