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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by yankee3, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. yankee3

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    My 96 suburban has push button 4x4. I just pushed 4x4 high, felt truck engage and proceeded to go. The truck acted as if brakes were depresseed. I stopped put in 2wd and got the same thing. Then put truck in reverse and seemed to unlock it. So i tried again and am getting the same thing in 4wd high, 4wd low, then back to 2wd. Will remain stuck until i go in reverse. Any suggestions!?!?
  2. swedp

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    check out vaccumlines,common problem

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    broken or dry the may halfactivate the wire for 4wd
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  3. Eddie Z71

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  4. MrShorty

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    Sounds like the drivetrain is binding, which will occur whenever the front and rear drivetrains are trying to spin at different speeds. Best example is when trying to turn on dry pavement where the tires don't slip. If this is the situation you're testing under, find a better test area (grass or gravel or mud or snow or sand or something where the wheels can slip). Also look for odd sized tires or mismatched gear ratios.
  5. yankee3

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    you may be right about the gear ratio. i bought the truck with a bad rear end and found a mechanic to rebuild mine. the gears were 342. he said the carriage bearings were completely snapped off. prior to this the 4wd worked. so now im wondering if previous owner changed gears and thus creating the problem in the first place. i will check into it. thank you. sure am glad i found this forum ill have to spend more time on it!
  6. swedp

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    guess i´ll have to work on my english! did not understand that the gears were messed with,that can explain the problem and it was a very vise comment
  7. yankee3

    yankee3 New Member

    the tag on the transfer case says 272 ratio and from what i could find the rear end should be 342(?) so im assuming ratios are set properly. should my front and rear spin at different speeds. i will find a better test area to see if anything is better but i thought you should still be able to drive a truck on asphalt in 4wd. this is my first 4x4 so all is foreign to me. any help is appreciated, thank you
  8. rustyk2

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    What needs to be checked is the front and rear differential ratios. If the front is3.42 : 1 and the rear is say 4.10 : 1 then the wheels will try to spin at a different speed which the can not do. something is going to break and these things are not cheap. The transfer case will spin both drive shafts at the same rpm's

    And yes, 4X4's can be driven on paved roads, in 4 high with no trouble, mine has many times.

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