4x6 Dead Tandem Project

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by James4012, Feb 24, 2013.

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    I've been running it through my head for awhile and I'm seriously debating turning my current truck into something that ain't seen very much. I'm a structural welder at where I work at. And I've been wanting to rig out for some time. But don't feel like paying over 15 grand for a used 1 ton flat bed truck to turn into a rig welder. I currently have a 4 inch lifted 94 K1500 chevy truck with a 5 speed, ext cab short bed. The bed is already shot and in need of complete replacing. Well I was thinking. What if I remove the bed, add about 3 foot to the frame *make it about equivalent with a LWB bed* and weld a second axle behind the first. Throw a 14 foot flat bed on it and put a new venture, or M3 granny 5 speed into it. It'd be a dead tandem 4x6. I already have all the tires. Got 3 left over from my last set that I use as spares *damn things to expensive just to get rid of* Maybe use 3/4 ton rear ends? I'm definatly going for 3/4 ton or 1 ton leaf springs and shocks. I figured if I placed the goose hitch on the bed equal between the two axles it would evenly distribute the load. Granted I could redneck all of this for about 5 grand or less instead of blowing 15 on another truck. Plus it'd be a head turning, and would look like one hell of a welding rig. Me and my gramps did this on a 1 ton before, but we moved the rear axle all the way to the end of the frame so it only touched ground when it was loaded with a goose neck. I want all 6 tires rolling all the time though. Thoughts? Input?
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    Guess not lol.
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    That would be sick I wish our welding rig was like that its an old 3500 it could use alil more bed space. What axles you thinking about?
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    Flaw is the 1500 frame isn't as tough as a 3500 frame....
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    Is your added axle gonna be live or a drag axle?
    Axle choice will be a big concern since their arent many available that have an output drive, you cant mix axles very easy, they have to run ratios real close and have an equal final drive even if you run open diffs.
    A stronger T case will probably be needed too, I dont think the T case will live long in front of 2 axles, it's not built to take that kind of abuse.

    The frame should be easy to strengthen and lengthen, plating the inside will help a lot, I'd probably chop the existing frame just at the begining of the downward slope of the rear part of the frame, this way the added portion could remain level and make it easier to choose springs. You'll need to carefully figure spring rates so the truck isnt over sprung and bounce around like an over inflated ball when un-loaded.
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    I was planning on using 3/4 ton rear axles and putting 3/4 ton hubs on the front. I didn't want to make it a dually cause I wanted to keep my big mud tires on it. Keep it looking redneck. Me and my grandfather built a wrecker truck using a 73 grummin fire truck frame before. Has a 8 lug dana 80 rear end with a heavy duty 5 lug front end *the stud pattern is made to fit rims for a dually so unless you actually looked at the lugs, you wouldn't notice just 5) Well in that wrecker we have a 5.9 cummins off a 92 3/4 ton, a 95 chevy Granny 5 speed, I believe it's a M3. Has a dodge input shaft so it'll fit to the cummins. I loved that truck, it's got so much power. You have to shift a like 2 MPH if you're in (L). So I was considering gonna with a Dana rear end at least on the front rear. And it's gonna be drag, called a dead tandem when the 2nd doesn't transmit power. Was tossing the idea of add plate to the inside of the frame for extra strength. A few cross over bars for some support. I have a 14 foot flat bed sitting at my gramps house that I had no idea what to do with. It's gonna be more for looks really than any major hauling. I doubt I'd pull anything bigger than a 30 foot goose and probably rarely, . I like having a unique ride. As for spring rate in the back end. I'm lazy, so a counter weight will probably be used or something like that. Like I said, it's mostly gonna be for show other than carrying my welder. So doesn't need to really be made for towing. Just a Redneck Half a Duce

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    487333_593247797369740_1739578837_n.jpg Will look like this *not that big though. Sticking with the same over all size. 4 inch lift, 33 inch tires. But this is a rough guess of what I'm after.
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    if i could recomend something, look at a old military CUCV truck. its a 1 1/4 ton truck with dana 60 axles. keep the frame and axles and toss the rest. you can pick a one of these up for 1000-2000 easy. running condition even.

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    Eh, I'm trying to avoid buying another truck though. Even if I could find one of those trucks it'd probably cost me quite a bit. This way, I can just get it a piece at a time and slowly build it as I can afford it. I can get axles for about 500 a piece from my gramps. He runs a junk yard and he's always building on some Chevy and has more parts than most Pick and Pulls have. I'm by no means rich. 2000 is quite a bit of cash to me. Gonna be one of them 12-18 month projects. Couple hundred here and their. Got a new born, sole provider for the family and all. The little wifey looks down on me spending my check lol. Gotta take care of them bills first.

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