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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by PearlWhiteGT, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. PearlWhiteGT

    PearlWhiteGT New Member

    Hello everyone! My dad gave me his old 1993 Chevy Z-71 Extended Cab & the rear speakers are no good. I think they are 4x6's. I saw some Sony Xplod speakers at Wal-Mart last night for like $30.00 & thought about getting them. It has some Polk speakers in the dash that work well & a old Sony CD player. Would these Sony Xplod's work well for the money? Whayt is all involved when replacing those 4x6 speakers?

  2. emtJoaquin

    emtJoaquin New Member

    I had those in my Jeep wrangler. Not bad . I also had the polks which are awesome. You'll be fine with the Sony's but if it where me I would spend the extra 20 bucks and buy another pair of polks on ebay. You can find 45-60$ brand new . That's what I did. I just replaced my speakers in my 08 silverado with Alpines. Also are you going to run them off a after market or factory strereo?
  3. TMRuiz

    TMRuiz Rockstar 100 Posts

    Replacing the rear speakers in that truck is a little bit work. I don't want to scare you out if changing them but your going to have to pull all of the rear trim down in order to replace the old factory speakers. Take the center piece off first and be careful because if the truck spent any time in the sun the anchor point for the clips are going to be britle. I've seen people completly remove the factory 4 x 6 and cut the interor panel to put in a 6 x 9 but IMO it looks like crud. I would do like emtJoaquin said and spend a little extra for the polk you won't regret it.
  4. PearlWhiteGT

    PearlWhiteGT New Member

    What model # are the polks? The truck is nothing fancy & I only use it for hauling stuff around. It has a old sony CD player in there that still works so all I really need are some speakers for the rear.
  5. texas99lb

    texas99lb Rockstar

    well if its just a haulin truck...use the sony's..I just dont like sony products. They are kind of cheap imo..I have jl audio speakers in all 4 corners and they sound awesome..but if it is a budget thing and you dont care just get the sonys..cant go wrong with 30 buck walmart specials..lol..
  6. bigburb

    bigburb Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    Well I can't say anything about the 4x6's, but I have a set of the 6X9 Xplode 4-ways, and even just running off the head unit they get f#@kin' LOUD! And they're pretty dang clear too! If you're just using the truck for hauling and stuff like that I would think the Sony 4X6's would do the job just fine.
  7. zachb91

    zachb91 Rockstar

    i had the sonys in my 1999 and they sounded dam good but i had sonys all the way around amp radio speakers subs were one memphis pr and an mtx 4500 powered off a sony 600 watt amp and it was the lodest at that time in my town
  8. Alexschiltz

    Alexschiltz New Member

    Are the speakers in the back doors or on the back wall? In my 03 silverado they're in the back doors. I mistakenly bought 5.25in speakers instead of the 4x6's that I should have bought. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I cut about a 1/3inch strip of metal from the inner door and they fit perfect. They're Phoenix gold 5.25 inch ryval series speakers and they sound awesome. You can buy them on eBay for about $30-40 which is a steal. I just put them in today. Taking off the door panels is super easy just don't break the clips that hold it on. Everyone says 4x6's sound bad. Think about putting 5inch speakers back there. I promise it's easy.
  9. PearlWhiteGT

    PearlWhiteGT New Member

    They are on the back wall next to the window. Is there a way that I can fit a different size in there other than the 4x6?
  10. PearlWhiteGT

    PearlWhiteGT New Member

    Also, do I have to remove the rear seat?

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