5.3 fuel pressure?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by slider_buck, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. slider_buck

    slider_buck New Member

    i have an 03 silverado with the 5.3 engine. whenever i kick it down the check engine light will come on. it says that all 4 02 sensors have low voltage. well i checked the fuel pressure and i have 45 while idling and i'll get around 55 when i kick it down going down the road. is the fuel pressure the problem? what is it suppose to have at idle with the regulator hooked up?
  2. Thundare

    Thundare Rockstar 100 Posts

    the Owners Manuel should have your answer
  3. slider_buck

    slider_buck New Member

    wow i'm so glad that everyone is so willing to help out. well i finally found out what the pressure is suppose to be and it is fine. the vacuum has me concerned though. i only have 17" at idle. i would think it should be higher than that but i can't find anything stating what it should be.

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