5.3l chevy sprint car engines.

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    Hi everyone,new to the site and just trying to put some feelers out.Im a 30 year gm-toyota tech and recently have been helping a local racing team with their limited sprints.We run in a class where we run sealed 5.3l engines (to try to keep costs down).Modifications include,new cam 545 lift,arp rod bolts,60lb injectors,ls6 valve springs and were running methanol.engines were originaly built by schwanke short blocks as part of their sealed engine programs.We run a ls edit modified ecu to run in open loop,basicly speed density set up,no 02 sensors set to run 6800rpms.Well now for the reason of this post.Were going to be getting out of this class and are going to run 410's.We have 2 complete motors, wiring harnesses,methanol and stock injectors,2 schwanke ecu's.We want to sell everything.They would make perfect street rod engines or project truck.No other race tracks run this class so were kinda limited as to were to sell them so Im posting on multiple sites.Like I said were just trying to see if theirs any intrest out there.Well thanks for your time.Any one interested can contact me at devilmite22@yahoo.com Great site guys!

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