5.3l rebuild kit?

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  1. 2003-5.3-V8

    2003-5.3-V8 New Member

    I have some worn piston rings on my 2003 Chevy 1500 with a 5.3l, and I figured since I was gonna replace my piston rings I might as well rebuild the engine and replace everything, rings, bearings, gaskets, etc.
    i looked online on Summit and Jegs and not much luck.
    does anyone have any recommendations on a website/ or a specific brand that I can get a rebuild kit from?
  2. RayVoy

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    I haven't rebuilt in a lot of years, so my experience is around the old versions that had a lot of sloppy tolerances. When we rebuilt those older Chev V8s, we would have the cylinders re-bored so the diameter would be the same from top to bottom (this prevents rings binding); we would also have the crank journals turned so the bearing surfaces would be perfectly round (this prevents the out-of-round journal from beating up the new bearing). We would also have the heads resurfaced to ensure they sat level on the block.

    That was done with an old V8 that had a ton of built in slop; the new engines with very tight tolerances will probably be even fussier.

    But, to answer your "where can I buy" question, I would always buy the new rings, gaskets, bearing, etc from the shop that did the clean up work. The logic was, they knew how much they removed, they would know which over-size parts I would need.

    My 2 cents, for what it's worth.
  3. 2003-5.3-V8

    2003-5.3-V8 New Member

    thanks for the advice but i havent done any rebuilding to the engine yet, and when i do i was planning on rebuilding it on my own, i have all the shop tools to do such, i was just wondering if anyone knew of a good brand or company who makes a rebuild kit with everything in it.
  4. j cat

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    If you have a shop and knowledge of this work you should be aware that getting the parts from GM or the GM supplier is the correct way to go. as mentioned with these engines having a proper match for this is very important.

    I know of an example of this with a number of compressors being rebuilt and how the parts did not match the required specs and they all had to be redone.

    I would replace the pistons and get all the parts from the OEM supplier. that way you will not have any issues.

    how did you determine you had SOME piston rings worn ? normally they all should be worn not some.

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