5.3L to D-max swap

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    Hey fellas, how ya'll doin? Anyways, I have always wondered if I ever needed to rebuild or buy a new engine for my pickup, if instead of putting a new v8 in it, if a Duramax would fit. Wiring and drive shats etf would have to be swapped and stuff, but I just want to know if it could be done and at what cost?? thanks everyone
  2. tbplus10

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    It could be done with a lot of money.
    In addition to the parts you already listed you'll need the computer, fuel system (tank and lines), transmission, transfer case and a lot of other small parts off the donor truck..
    Then you'd need to address the affects of the extra weight of the Diesel on the front suspension.
    If you want a Diesel your almost always better off buying a Diesel equpied truck, building one gets expensive and time consuming.
  3. morgan

    morgan New Member

    What are you planning on doing with this d-max? If you wanna hot rod this motor you would need to think about the structural integrity and extra stress you would be placing on other components.

    Just the diesel itself would surpass torque of the 5.3, 5.7 etc. You need to consider the drivetrain, fuel systems, engine computers, and possibly frame intricacies that might be an issue, i.e. cross members, frame twist.

    Just a heads up. Big headache. Big money.

    NKL&DIME New Member

    Yea, I never really thought to indepth of it all. I just saw DIESEL...TURBO..TORQUE etc. lol. Thought it would be a cool idea. It's clear that money could be better spent else where. Thanks fellas.

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