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  1. Wvoutdoorsman

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    Hi everyone just found this site, I have a 05 2500hd gmc with a 6.0 gas motor with 197,000 miles one it, lost the oil pump so should I rebuild if possible , I can't find any low mileage 6.0 liter motors around but found several 5.3 of the same year as mine for only 500 dollars will it work without spending a fortune on making it work?
  2. MauryFrench

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    Did you actually have damage to the engine? I lost an oil pump a while back and while my mechanic chastised me unmercifully (as he should have) my engine survived and is at 251K now.
  3. Wvoutdoorsman

    Wvoutdoorsman New Member

    I had a new oil pump installed and still no oil pressure he said probably cam bearing, he recommends me changing whole motor, just wanted second opinions like rebuild whole motor or if it will work install a 5.3 motor since I can't find any reasonable 6.0 and to be honest it scares me that the 6.0 seems to have oil issues, this truck is gonna be my sixteen year girls truck when finished so I'm ok if it's lacking horsepower lol
  4. MauryFrench

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    you know, I have started treating rent cars and just about every vehicle I drive nicer because it dawned on me one day that the car I am driving could become someone's daughter's car someday.

    I am curious about the jump from 6.0 to 5.3. I always thought the good old GM 350 (5.7) was considered one of the best engines ever made. Did GM stop using it?
  5. tbplus10

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    Yes the swap will work I know a few people that have gone from 5.3 to 6.0 with minor issues. There are some bugs to work out but not a real hard swap.
    The biggest question is will you be able to live with the reduced horsepower?
    Make surewhatever 5.3 you source is not an AFM engine the AFM engine is not a good swap candidate and requires engine trans computers and numerous sensors.
  6. Wvoutdoorsman

    Wvoutdoorsman New Member

    How do I know if its afm motor
  7. Waterdawg

    Waterdawg New Member

    Ran across your oil comment and the oil pressure relief valve may have been your issue as pointed out in this youtube link unless it was replaced new with the oil pump.


    I had previously started a thread regarding too high an oil pressure in our 6.0 vortec and somebody else pointed me there so I thought I'd pass it along. On the other hand it may be a dead end and you'll get to swap an engine instead.

    And good luck with that new teen driver.....been there too. More than a few sleepless nights. She always wanted a 4x4 jeep but got the sedan or my truck. she's made it to 23 and only wacked two vehicles so it ended up to be a good move.

    Hope that helps. Mike
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