6.0 or Duramax?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by dknoerzer, Jul 29, 2011.

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    So I'm planning on picking up a Suburban this weekend, and eventually swapping in some serious power. While I was poking around looking for motors out of a 2500, thinking of a 6.0, I was prompted to select between a 6.0 and a 6.6. This got me thinking... diesel Suburban. I'll need serious drivetrain mods regardless whether it's a built 6.0 or a diesel, and I know the diesel will require a lot of other mods compared to the relatively easy bolt-in gasser. Any thoughts?
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    Are you looking to buy a new suburban? I would stay away from swapping motors if possible unless its a project truck. What I love about my 6.0 in my 2500 is that it does not have active fuel management. No switching between V4 to V8 and minimal shifting. I considered a 6.6 when shopping for mine back in Jan but the new diesels require urea additive to comply with epa. Not a big deal just another thing to do. Unless you need the power to tow and you tow often I don't know any reason to get a diesel. For those saying better mileage, you have to drive a few hundred thousand miles to recoup the savings vs the extra cost upfront. I have towed just shy of 15,000 with mine and had no issue at all. went about a hundred miles, up hills and all. even passed a few big rigs going up hill at 70mph. My gas mileage did suffer a bit but I don't tow every day. Oil changes cost more, fuel filter every 5K and diesel costs more than gas at least here in southern new england.

    If you are considering used, I would look for a 2500 suburban I think 2005 or 2006 was the last year for the 8.1 big block. and other 2500 suburbans have the 6.0 already.

    Don't get me wrong I would love a duramax but being at least 7K more at the dealer wasn't worth it to me.

    Good luck with your search!
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    x2 what he said ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  4. dknoerzer

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    yea, the only real reason would be because overkill is fun. I ended up with a 2007 1500 with the lt2 trim. I'm going to drive it as is for a while, then park it for the winter and start wrenching. Unless I find a heck of a deal on a 6.0 I'll probably start tearing into the 5.3 because there's a million other things I'l like to do to it.

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