6.5L Valve Ticking After New Injection Pump?

Discussion in 'GM Diesel & DuraMax' started by Fox_Suburban, May 22, 2011.

  1. Fox_Suburban

    Fox_Suburban New Member

    Hey guys, I think this is my first thread... I'm NOT a mechanic at all, but I do love cars am really try maintaining them myself with help from friends.

    It's a 95 Suburban with the L65, electronic IP. I just did a massive overhaul on it replacing a lot, including: Manufactured Injection Pump, New Water Pump, New Glow Plugs, Alternator, Belt, Hoses, Oil, Coolant, Batteries, etc...

    Because of many different problems (both in the truck, people, and finances) it took me about 6 months, and in that time the truck hadn't been started at all. Once put back together with the new batteries (and purging air from the fuel lines) the truck started up pretty easily. Runs stronger than ever, it's great.

    However, there's a pretty loud ticking now. It's REALLY hard for me to tell where it's coming from since everything is so loud, but I'm pretty sure it's coming from the engine, not engine accessories... It reminds me of a valve, JUST one, and I think the sound is coming from the valve cover by the turbo. Before the overhaul there was absolutely no ticking like this, it is brand new since the new IP. And it is definitely only one valve (if that's what it is at all).

    Do you think the timing is off now because of that one gear not being put on right at the time of the new IP install? Would it be just one valve? If it is the valve, the most important question I have, is will it get worse, and/or do damage? Times have been tough, and this is now my only form of transportation, and I live in a new area like 90 miles away from everyone I know, so I want to nip this in the bud now!

    Like I said, it runs strong... stronger than ever. This morning I had to quickly drive a few blocks away and I didn't really let it warm up much, and I did notice that even though I was being gentle to it since it was cold that I could hear it run not quite as well for a second, and I did notice the CEL light come on for a second, then go off again... but then it was back to normal. Once warmed up the sound is still very much there, but the truck runs strong. This is the only diesel I've ever played with, but it doesn't feel like it has a timing issue.

    Thank you!!
  2. Fox_Suburban

    Fox_Suburban New Member

    Bump... I hate bumping my own threads, I'm sorry... but I can really use some help!
  3. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    I'd try maybe running some seafoam in the oil for a day or so and change the oil to see if that helps. It's also possible the ticking is coming from the IP itself.....
  4. Fox_Suburban

    Fox_Suburban New Member

    I JUST changed the oil when I did this, and I have like 20 miles on it so far, I'd hate to throw away that oil.

    Why would the IP be ticking? I bought it from that big company on ebay, the main one that sells these, I forget their name, but quite popular.

    Is it not possible or likely for it to be a valve? And just one valve?
  5. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    It's quite possible that it is just a valve.....
  6. Fox_Suburban

    Fox_Suburban New Member

    And if it's just a valve, is it because the timing is now off? Why else would it make such a loud ticking noise when it hadn't prior to the overhaul? Or is it for a different reason? Where do I go from here?
  7. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    No idea.... I know a guy on another forum that has the same problem on a 6.2L.... He's swapping the IP while he's doing his turbo install that he's in the middle of right now.... I'll let ya know if his ticking stops with his new IP...
  8. GMTruckManiac

    GMTruckManiac New Member

    Hate to change the subject but its not possible to put a computerized 6.5 into a non computer truck right?
  9. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    Sure it is..... You just have to have the harness and computer that go with the motor.....
  10. Joeairforce

    Joeairforce Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    You might have a problem if your problem is the same thing as it looks like this other guys problem is.... It looks like a broken lifter retainer is what was causing his ticking.... I'll let ya know for sure after he finally gets it all back together and running...

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