600hp turbo silverado build suggestions

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Shakeablegoose, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. dobey

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    You could use a single one of those turbos (or a larger one if you really wanted to). One of the ones I linked to will support ~600 HP easily, and it should be easy to get to 600 HP with one of them, ported/polished heads, intake, and cam. Maybe even with the stock Vortec intake manifold.
  2. Dontlookforme

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    Keep the stock cam or upgrade to the LS6 cam. Either way, install the LS6 springs! NGK TR6 spark plugs. I've already done what your talking about, if you have any questions feel free to ask bud..... I have a trick performance T76 stage 4 kit on a 2004 LQ4 with 40k mile motor I bought from an auto recycler with all acc and wire harness. I also have a 4L60e built to Handel 700rwhp with a 1600 stall. My "biggest" problem with the truck is traction!!! I have 3.23 gears but with my aftermarket tire size 275/55/20, it brings my rear axle ratio up to a 3.02 or something close to that. At 100mph I still spin both rear tires. Lol it gets a little shady at times but I'm trying to figure out. Sound like your on the right track! Keep us posted.

  3. darnie1987

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    If it was me i would get a 6.0, trick stage 3 turbo, Isky cam. Prc heads, upgraded fuel system, cir'd triple disk stall, i wouldnt go with the monster transmission if it were me tho. i would do a 4l80e of a Built tranny from FLT or Performance built. if you have any questions let me know i got a buddie that was pushing 638 rwhp with a 6.0 at 10psi with that set up

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    Only issue with it is that it blew up.... one good thing is you can get a new junker 4.8 for 5-600 but why not do it right and leave it
  4. dobey

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    You're buddy's 6.0 blew up? Or the Hot Rod 4.8 blew up? Only issues Hot Rod had, is that they originally thought it was a 5.3, started having possible ignition issues at 27psi, and they ran out of time on the dyno. Other than that it was fine, and it would probably be fairly reliable if left under 14 psi for the street.
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  5. darnie1987

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    the 4.8 and anything over about 11-12 psi u need race fuel is kinda a general rule around here. a 6.0 on 10 psi 438 rwhp and was running mid 11's all day. and reliably. honestly im in the process in doing the same thing but with a 5.3 should still hit 11's in a 4x4 ext cab truck. thats ntb...
  6. ahmitchell1

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    other than tranny what are you doing to the drivetrain
  7. dobey

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    That didn't really answer my question. Or maybe you did, but I can't tell from the lack of grammar/punctuation. What are you saying blew up exactly?
  8. nikkeshelton

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    You must have deep pockets! I want a supercharger but it will cost me $6,000. Plus all the upgrades down the drive line I installed a 2spd gear vendor box which really gave me a hp. boost through gearing, that was $4,000. Headers & K&N intake and headers with an Edge programmer are all I've got! Keep us informed!
  9. darnie1987

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    I said and i quote: " The "4.8" blew up" due to the amount of boost on a stock motor...

    as far as the drive terrain id get a new rear end the g80 sucks and also a upgraded drive line and ujoints. ours arnt built to handle those speeds and HP ratings.

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    alot depends on ur wants/needs/ and mula. i have a fully built 5.3 and i can run low low 13's all day long. and i still get around 22 mpg on the highway. there are a 1,000 ways to do things just gotta see what pest fits what you want :) sounds like your off to a great start tho. if u go any further tho you'll need custom tuning. gearings great if you plan on staying NA but if you go boost thats a different story
  10. dobey

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    That isn't exactly what you said. But ok. However, the Hot Rod 4.8 1200 bhp build didn't blow up. Did you even read the article? Nowhere in the article does it say that it had any such failure. What it said is that they ran out of dyno time, and started hitting ignition issues, at 27psi. To go past that, they would have needed more time, and would need to start piling on more upgrades, starting with coils, plugs, and plug wires.

    Trust me, that 4.8 will last much longer than the 6.0 will, with the same amount of boost, and it'll be able to turn out power at higher RPMs than the 6.0.

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