600hp turbo silverado build suggestions

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Shakeablegoose, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. The Heater

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    Hi, Shakeablegoose:

    Couple of questions:

    1. is this for use in towing?
    2. have you researched on line forums for owners of motors using this brand turbo (not necessarily your truck/model, anyone using the turbo or turbos)? I would do some research into long term use of the turbo you are considering to see what issues people are discussing. The biggest issue with turbos used long term is the seals eventually fail, causing oil to be sucked into the intake. The question is how long it takes this brand to reach that failure point or whether there are other irritating issues reported by people who have had the unit on their vehicle for more than 25,000 miles.
  2. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    I have rethought this whole turbo thing, it will come later on, but with a different motor! I am going to be getting a 500+hp N/A 6.2l custom built engine by Nightmare Breed Motorsports! I'm not saying i won't turbo that, but that will have to come much later on! I'm going to grab a vortec max rear end and probably a custom built driveshaft, racing clutch, lowering kit, racing seats, custom brakes, etc.
    I plan on the build costing about $6000-7000, but it will be worth it because the truck will be practicaly new!
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  3. dobey

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    Did you find a really cheap junkyard 6.2l to use? GMPP has two 6.2L crate motors with that much power. The LS376/525 and LS376/515. They're both just an LS3 crate engine, with camshaft swaps. Just the engine costs $7-8K. Given the other things you list here as part of the build, it would seem the engine's being done for about $5K which is pretty cheap for a brand new 6.2L build, epsecially if it's using aftermarket forged parts.
  4. Shakeablegoose

    Shakeablegoose New Member

    i'm getting a discount :), i have formed a close relationship with this company and am going to "sponsor" or hand out thier buissness cards to car guys when i meet them just to be nice!
    I am also helping with the build from the ground up too so that lowers the price also!
  5. ahmitchell1

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    That's one hell of a deal considering the brembos for our truck will probably cost around 5k or more. I bought brembos for my cobra and I know the truck ones will be more expensive

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