6L K2500 vs. 5.3 L K1500 - MPG??

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  1. raueda1

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    I'm looking at a stunning 2001 K2500 with 6 L engine. The current owner claims ~11mpg towing a small bass boat. What can I expect with a light foot at 65mph and no towing?

    Does anybody know if the 6L K2500 is significantly worse than the 5.3L k1500?

    I'm now driving a '96 5.7l K1550 and routinely squeeze 17-18 mpg out of it on the highway and never get worse than 15-16. Thanks!
  2. unplugged

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    Sounds reasonable. I had a 06 2500HD that never got worse than 10mpg even when I was heavy on the throttle. I got 12mpg if I behaved myself. I suppose I could have improved on that number with a light touch on the pedal, but I never tried it.
  3. silveradotrailblazer

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    6L K2500 vs 5.3L K1500 mpg

    I get 15-16 highway with my 05 Z-71 4x4 lifted with 35s. Had a few customers with stock k1500s get 18-20 highway. Customers with K2500 6.0s got 10-12 highway. Some of the early 6.0s had piston slap issues.
  4. raueda1

    raueda1 Member

    Wow, thanks!

    It's sounding like no 6L K2500 could break the 15 mpg highway barrier no matter how hard you try. I'm not doing towing so the 6L doesn't gain me anything except worse mileage. Too bad, cause the truck is beautiful, but isn't worth it.
  5. raueda1

    raueda1 Member

    Will this be obvious from a test drive? What's the best way to detect? Thx,


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