6x9s in your back ext cab doors!

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  1. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    OK i just got done with this and it wasnt to bad of a job. It will prob void your warranty if you have one because you will be cutting some pieces out.

    Heres the tools you will need:

    -safety glasses! you will be cutting metal and it will shoot sparks off!
    -drimmel or grinder w/ cutting wheels
    -strippers and but splices or if you can get the kit to clip into the stock speaker set up that works too
    -some 1 inch self tappers
    -1/4 20 nuts for spacers
    -battery drill
    -ratchet/nut driver 7mm

    Ok first thing you gotta get that door panel off not too hard.

    there are 2 screws. one in the handle thing and one in the cup holder they are 7mm heads

    then just pull and the clips will let go and then your on to pulling the stock little speaker out
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  2. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    now with the panel off and speaker accessible mine are just clip ins which i have never seen before but nice and easy to get out just push on the side thats holding it in and it pops out.

    heres your difference in speaker size
  3. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    ok with the speaker uncliped from the clip put it aside and grab your 6x9 and a marker. now theres not to much room but enough so watch how you are marking it and cut the inside of you lines you are about to draw. do a test fit by placing your 6x9 on the door and tracing the out side rim but not were the screws go in to hold it.


    with that traced out you can start cutting away. remeber inside your lines drawn! you may not need to cut all lines out i did the top half first and notice with another test fit i only needed to do alittle bit of the bottom.
  4. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    Ok with your cutting done put you speaker in and let you magnet touch the back as it will help you mark your drilling holes. i just used a self taper to drill all my holes. so now put your self tappers in the mounting holes you marked on the speaker and add 2 1/4 20inch nuts to the back of each one for your spacing.
    heres what it should look like.

    wire your speakers up and bolt up your speakers and now you should be done with that part and test fit your door panel( i poped the screen off mine if you want its pretty easy to see how once you got the panel off)

    just repeat these steps for the other door

    And then just pop the door panel back on and put your screws back in the cup hold and handle. and wa la you now have 6x9s in your back doors!!

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  5. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    Great write up, but I would recommend getting some MDF (medium density fiberboard) to take up the gap ( make a mounting plate) instead of the nuts in top of eachother, this will help seel them for better response and sound, and also keep the road noise out.
  6. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    yea i was goin to use some buttt i dont have a saw at the moment kinda burnt it up nuts will do for now.Good suggestion though!!
  7. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado New Member

    good idea, would you also cut the hole in the panel larger and then use the speaker grill provided with the speaker?? also will this work with a single cab truck?? it looks like their is enough room with the panel on.

    p.s. cant wait for the front door wright up
  8. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    Im not sure about the spacing on a single cab truck and the kickers i put in didnt come with the grills like most after market speakers so i didnt bother but im sure you could if you wanted. everything i did fit perfectly but all i did was take a tape measure to it so thats what i would start with your single cab. find how much space you got.
  9. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado New Member

    ok, cool also pm me when you do the right up on the 6x9 in the front doors
  10. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado New Member

    im pretty sure the will fit, here is where the rear speakers are, what do you think??
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  11. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    yea looks like the speaker size that i cut out for my 6x9s. you just half to measure and check then man up and cut into your baby
  12. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado New Member

    yeah, but i dont want to buy them if they wont fit, do you know if dodge 6x9's in the front doors of a ram have screw mounts? so i can get those in temporarily, then later get good 6x9's?
  13. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    i have no clue dude lol.if you want i will measure my other 2 6x9s and give you some kinda demension
  14. 5speedsilverado

    5speedsilverado New Member

    ok, that would be great, i measured for a rectangle and it would fir with room to spare
  15. iPublicEnemy47

    iPublicEnemy47 New Member

    I might have to try this... I just need a tutorial on how to wire the speakers :D
  16. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    its just 2 wires dude pretty simple i dont think there is a wrong way. anyway the dimensions of my 6x9s are 2 1/2 deep 5 1/2 wide x 7 1/2 long remember those are the widest and longest points it is a oval shape!
  17. RAF

    RAF New Member

    wow thats crazy. Is there anyway you can buy an aftermarket speaker that would fit in instead of having to cut?
  18. Project1

    Project1 New Member

    yea they make after market speakers that will fit they are just small and dont sound good to me so i modded my stuff
  19. hildy19

    hildy19 New Member


    My truck has bose and im debating if it'd be worth replacing speakers???
  20. TYMBOM

    TYMBOM Former Member

    Nice work. We use to do it and actually put in proper component sets. We'd just make a template out of 1/4 MDF for whatever speakers we wanted and then cut the two individual holes for the mid & tweeter. You then get the added benifit of a proper x-over on your speakers and in turn get better sound quality.

    Very good "how to". You can apply it to dropping in which ever speaker type you like with the same basic process.

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