7.4L Hot Start (harder to start)

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by rowekmr, Jan 3, 2011.

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    Hello Group
    I got a 96 Chev 3500 CC DRW with the 7.4L engine and noticed the fuel pump whine when the previous owner showed me the truck. I had his mechanic replace the pump (AC Delco) part and the previous owner commented on how must faster the truck starts. I occassionally drive the truck and noticed in the summer time if the truck was driven and parked for a short while it would be harder to start. If its a cold start like at the beginning of the day it wouldn't cause any problems or if it sits out longer than a short while it would start up quick. When I start it I turn the key 3/4 the way to let the pump prime the system. Could it be a fuel pressure regulator?


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    That is what it sounds like common with the vortec (i think the 7.4L went to vortec in 96 as well? i may be wrong)for the FPR to go out nad cause raw fuel to leak down into the intake which evaporates as the motor cools down but it causes the motor to be to rich and basically flood out on a hot start. But also when was the last time the motor had a full tune up?

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