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    I have a 1976 SWB 4X4 and found that the frame is rusted and broken at the left front rear spring mount on the frame. What year frames will swap out or closely match the frame that I have? I may have located an '85 frame. The truck is too good to scrap and not so good that I am concerned with how it will look if I patch up the frame. Any ideas?
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    With minor modifications every year from 1973 up to 1991. The frame didnt change a lot but some of the holes and brackets are in different places.
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    I had a 1976 Blazer, and as I recall, frame problems were not uncommonon those models just like the problem with the hood bending from the strong springs that held it open. If it were me, I would check with JC Whitney to see if they still carry any of the older frame reinforcement products. Secondly, I would contact a local frame shop re: what it would cost to have it repaired. Good luck.
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    Two significant changes between the 80 down/81 up frames. The front horns and core support mounts are different. Will take some work to make it work. Also, the rear cab support crossmember sits lower on the 80 down. If you use the newer frame, you should be able to just use rear cab bushings for the new frame.

    I would look for a home shop welder/fabricator to patch your frame. They usually work for reasonable money, and will tell you right away if the frame is beyond repair.

    Also, the K10/15 and K20/25 frames are all the same, the K30/35 is different.
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