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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 65suburban, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. 65suburban

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    hey guys,ive been trying to get my dad to do the rear disc conversion on his '79 2wd but he dont want to. anyhow i dove in and started to replace all the lines,shoes,cylinders and such on the rear(drums aint my thing) and ive hit a wall. you have to pull the axles to get the hub/drum assembly off and now i cant get the damn axles back in. im done for the eveingn but tomorow im gonna get it on rack and up in the air and pull the rear cover and see whats going on. any advice?
  2. Crawdaddy

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    Let me guess, you get the axleshafts in except for the last 6-8 inches or so and it won't go any further? When you get to that point, push down on the axleshaft and wiggle it around and it'll catch the splines in the differential in the center of the axle. There's nothing to hold the axleshaft up in the tube for most of the way, so you have to use the outer part of the hub as a fulcrum for a lever and kick the inside end of the shaft up. It also helps if you push down on the axleshaft the entire time you're pushing it in.

    Oh, and pulling the cover won't reveal anything to you or help you get them in because you can't see any of your issues.
  3. Big75

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    so this is a full floater 14 bolt? should just go back in like you pulled it out though you will have to lift the end a bit to slip in the diff housing.
  4. Big75

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    You must have clicked "post reply" like, 5 seconds before I did.
  5. 65suburban

    65suburban New Member

    thanks guys,i got it sorted out. it just reminded me of how much i cant stand drum brakes.

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