8 inch wheels ok on long haul?

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by craigman45, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. craigman45

    craigman45 Member

    I have a utility trailer with 8 inch wheels. I tow a quad around to the local ride spot (15 miles or so). I want to go to the sand dunes that are 475 miles away.will those wheels heat up too much on a long haul or will I be ok? Trailer is one of those harbor freight jobbies rated at 1150 LBS. wish I had a different trailer, but can I make due with what I have?
  2. the phantom

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    Probably would be ok if they are in good condition.. I would probably take a spare along with you and make sure the bearings are in good condition and greased if they're greasable or have bearing buddies.
  3. squatchy

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    I would check the tires for their speed rating and keep it pretty well in range of what they say. Should be fine.
  4. Crawdaddy

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    Don't quote me, but I remember reading somewhere that those 8 inch tires aren't highway-rated. Definitely have a spare.
  5. WorthFlorida

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    Absolutely not. If you take the trip, bring at least six spares. One time on I-95 in Palm Beach County, a trailer with those little wheels hit a rise in the road, it went just a few inches into the air and when it hit the road, both tires blew out. I think there was a ski-doo on the trailer.

    It is called a "utility" trailer for a reason, for light loads around town. So now look at what you are putting on the trailer. If you lose one tire a good chance that the trailer can flip on its side as it wags down the highway and that is if you can feel it. Does the cost of the load cost more than a larger trailer with at least 12" wheels?

    Look at the tire side walls for its load rating and max speed if listed. They need to read DOT followed by numbers. Just remember as you are doing 60 with your truck/car 18" wheels, those 8" ones are spinning more than 2 times faster. Here is a utility trailer that is DOT approved and 12" wheels but you still need to take it easy. Your looking at a 6-7 hour ride.
  6. craigman45

    craigman45 Member

    thank you I'm gonna try renting one ,maybe u haul

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