Audio 82 - 04 Blazer OEM speaker sizes

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    All 82 to 04 S-10s and Blazers take 4x6s in the dash
    All 82 to 04 S-10s take either 4x6s or 4x10s in the rear. Just look at it, if its a huge oval, its a 4x10, if its oval but closer to a circle , its a 4x6.
    All 83-94 2 door Blazers use 6x9s in the rear
    All 83-94 4 door blazers use 6 3/4s in the rear
    All 94-04 S-10s and 95-04 Blazers use 6 3/4s in the front doors
    All 95-04 Blazer 2 doors use 6x9s in the rear
    All 95-04 4 door Blazers use 5 1/4s in the rear there are a few variances of this. some blazers come with tweeters in the dash. the info above will hold true 90% of the time, but it's always safest to check for yourself.

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    i hope this thread is helpful to any blazer, jimmy, or bravada owners.

    i grabbed some polk audio DB 6.5in speakers for the front doors of my 4door jimmy... wow, what a difference in sound!! everything sounds alot crisper. very clear highs, mids and lows.
    i noticed the drivers side rear door has a blown speaker. im going to keep with polk audio DB series and grab some DB 5.25in's.. and to finish it off, ill get some 4x6's for the dash.

    even with the stock cd player, im very happy with my results.
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    i know the first post says the doors take 6.75in speakers. but 6.5in ones work.

    on my 2001 jimmy, the speakers were mounted to a plastic raiser. the speakers i put in came with screws that easily tapped into it. it made mounting the new speakers super easy.

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