82 k10 4x4 rumble under hard accel/torque

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Josh, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Josh

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    well we just got what was said to be a blizzard here in indiana and got to use my 4x4 in my new (old) 82 k10 specs are 350/sm465 tranny/np205/dana 44 front axle. everything suspension wise has been changed out through its life span. we got about a 16 inches of snow here and when i decided to goose it a little in 4 wheel and have a little fun i felt this really loud rumbling from the front. only does this if its under hard accel. did it a few times here and there under hard accel. tonight i had to pull a buddy to my house with a tow rope when taking off in low and giving it good throttle it would rumbl. so heres what i know ive done. new axle u joints both sides. has a new u joint at the yoke. the double cardan at the t case is good as far as i know. i will pull tomorrow and inspect anyways. fluid is topped off in t case and axles. has mile marker locking hubs aswell as bearings repacked and good to go. so i have a question. is it possible that where the cardan joint is the ears of the joint are hitting like i have axle wrap. it vibrates hard and rumbles like mad so thats my thought. would a transfer drop be needed. or what do you guys think?oh yah it doesnt make noise in 2 wheel so that rules out the rear end and tranny etc.
  2. Conlan Rose

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    I agree with your idea of axle wrap. Is the truck lifted?
  3. Jamm3r

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    Look at the CV joints in the half shafts too, if the boots are shot and the CVs are corroded or starved for grease they will make noise.
  4. Conlan Rose

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    [MENTION=53334]jamm[/MENTION]3r He has a 82' it has a solid front axle. Unless you are talking about the CV joint that goes from the transfer case to the front drive shaft that some 80's trucks have.
  5. a.graham52

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    this truck probably does not have cv joints but actualy universal joints like you would find in your drive shaft. how are yoru tires? are yoru front tires worn out and rear tires new (tread depth difference?) or are tire sizes different? have the axles been swapped out and if so are they the same ratio? if one set of wheels are spinning at a differnt speed as the other it will cause weird things. check it because its free:

    put the truck on level flat ground. mark the sidewalls of the tires where they contact that ground. get in and drive 15-30 ft in a STRAIT line and stop when the mark on the left front tire is back on the ground. all your marks shoudl be within like 1-1.5" from the ground. tahts a quick easy way to rule that out.

    also what is "good throttle"? enough to make the exhaust rumble or enough to make the tires brake free and spin?
  6. Jamm3r

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    Conlan you are correct, I read 92 not 82.

    Nonetheless, the cardan cross u-joints in the steering knuckles can fail, too, and on a truck that old it would something to check.
  7. Josh

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    Its been lifted with a rancho kit in the rear with blocks. The front on the other hand has none. But im wondering if there bigger springs/lift springs. Im clearing 35 inch mts with ease id like to level it buy raising it even with the back but need to work out my bugs first. Im guessing under load the driveshaft shakes violently. Ill still check into my front shaft and maybe even pull my axles out for inspection too. Im pretty fast at dissasembling my dana 44 lol. Ill keep you posted let me know if theres anything you can think of. Thanks

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    It has brand new 35 inch mud terrains. The truck is an 82. And ive read that 82 was first year fot our beloved 10 bolt. This truck has a dana 44. And dont yes I know the difference lol. When I replaced my axle joints someone painted the word 78 chevy on them. also ran into other issues where I needed parts for a 78 not an 82 for my rig. Ill check my shafts real good, go ahead n grease everything. And probably pull the front shaft off. Also check my transfer case/tranny mount etc etc. +1 on the chalk line idea ill give it a try. If they dont match ill get my b day wish. 4.56 gears

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