83 k10 406 lifter issue

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    I have recently purchased an 83 k10 with a 400 bored to a 406. I am getting a lifter noise from passenger side of pistons. I have already screwed with the rockers and that's not it. So I a, assuming I need to do a lifter job since I have read that is not good to replace just one. I don't know too much about what parts this truck may have internally. The rockers are erson 1.50. I am trying to figure out what specific lifters I need to get. I don't know if I need to get a certain kind. Any help would be great.
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    Have you tried running Marvel Mystery oil or Sea Foam through the oil yet?
    Another old trick is to crank the rocker adjusters down a few turns until their tight, then rotate the crank by hand a few turns, then readjust the lifters/rockers back to running order.
    Sometimes either of those tricks can knock carbon and oil sludge build-up out of the lifters and get them working right again.
    Some older GM oem lifters were rebuildable, replacement springs and seals, they used to sell a kit with all the parts required.
    Unfortunately the only real way to find out anything about the lifters is take them out.
    Do you know if the cam is oem? That info might give a clue to origins of the lifters.
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    Anything else on this?

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