84' S-10 4x4 Durango V-8 conversion!!!!! (My build thread)

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  1. TRPLXL2

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    My 1984 V8 S10 Build Thread

    I know I haven't been on here hardly at all any more, but maybe after you guys see this thread you'll understand why. I bought a 1984 Chevy S-10 4x4 Durango model, standard cab long bed which I found on craigslist for $750. The reason why it was so cheap was because of the motor, it threw a rod and the transmission fluid smells like engine oil so you know what that means! I am going to order a brand new GM Goodwrench 350 turn key engine next week, along with a TCI Street Fighter 350 transmission from summit racing. I wanted to start with a brand new powertrain pretty much, and I still have yet to find a brand new transfer case so I might end up having that one rebuilt. I am totally excited about this, so I promise there will be all kinds of pictures in this thread over the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more......... 100_2529.jpg 100_2531.jpg 100_2528.jpg 100_2534.jpg 100_2536.jpg
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  2. murdog94

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    Talk about clean.. I look forward to seeing the progress of the build.. Looks like it will be quite a mean little monster when it gets done.. And if you dont mind me asking why not run a 700R4 or mabey a 4L60e conversion for the overdrive Im asking for my own personal preference of OD over a 3spd?
    Are you planning on putting in a lift or leaving it to be a street sleeper?
    I wish i could find something so rust free here in MN.. Seems all the cool little trucks are rusted out beasts.
  3. TrailLeadr

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    Sounds like fun. Body is in pretty good shape. Nice find.
    Funny thing when I first read the subject I thought you were transplanting a V8 Dodge Durango engine into the S10. I thought you were nuts. lol
  4. TRPLXL2

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    Alright Trail Leadr your right, that title was misleading so I changed it per your post. Oh and by the way I am nuts, this will make 3 trucks that I now have in my posession!

    Murdog94 Thanks for the compliment on the truck, It is a diamond in the ruff I think. I am currently doing research about the transmission, because they say it will fit a 700r4 but the dog ears have to be trimmed off the bell housing. I never thought of the 4l60e fitting though, thanks for the idea though.............

    I actually have a really psycho idea for the truck, and I have the extra money to pull it off as well LOL! I found out that I am able to stack a 2" leveling kit, 3" body lift, and a 5" suspension lift on this particular truck AND clear 44" tires!!!!!! :no:

    My whole reason for doing this build is actually because of my other S10 (2001), I had to put another $2,000 in costly repairs into that truck to get it running again and I am sick of it. Sick of fuel injection, electronically controlled motors, and most of all emissions testing!!!!!!!!

    Here's some more pics of the truck, if you notice in the one picture the bump stop is completely snapped off and the other side is as well. It was definately off roaded that's for sure, but that's nothing that can't be fixed. Tomorrow I am going to be taking more pics of removing the whole front end, my goal is rolling chassis and body off by next weekend.

    100_2546.jpg 100_2548.jpg 100_2545.jpg 100_2550.jpg 100_2549.jpg
  5. murdog94

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    Ahh doing some fixing and itll be an awsome little truck.. I wanted to get one and put a Supercharged 3.8L in one but tweaked to put out a lot more power than the stock 3.8L but that requires a lot of adapters..
    And what happened to the other S-10 anyhow? I know it used to be your sig pic.. and whats funny is i prefer EFI to a carb, but that is just me.. And i believe the 4.3L 700R4 that was in these trucks can be built and installed behind a 350. And then you know you have a tranny that belongs.. Or if your feeling really froggy you could go with a 5spd from the 4.3L and have really low range out of it.
  6. TrailLeadr

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    Wow, look at that under carriage rust. Well, not too surprising I guess.

    You certainly do have your work cut out for you. I thought it was in better shape when I saw no rust on the rockers. Not bad though.
    Obviously it would be really great for you to keep us updated with pics. So I'll be subscribing to this thread.:great:

    I'm curious. I know it's a while down the road in your build, but what do you plan to do with those old square glass halogen headlights? You do such a great job reworking the newer ones. I'm dying to know what you plan to do with those old ones.
  7. tbplus10

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    Are you sure that trucks an 84? The grill looks to be off of a newer model, maybe the PO swapped the front end.
    Anyways I did a build of a 86 S-15 Jimmy in the mid 90's 2.8, auto to a 350, turbo 350, started out as an engine transplant ended up as a whole drivetrain swap.

    For your build theres a few things you might take into consideration:

    86 and earlier S-10/S-15 automatic transmissions are problematic, there was a problem swapping the trans to the 350 and I had to source a different trans, I went with a Turbo 350 because it was slightly shorter when attached to a t-case than the factory set-up, that might not be a problem on a truck because it's got a longer wheelbase than the Jimmy had, I cant think of what the original problem was right now but when it comes to me I'll let ya know.

    The transfer case life can be measured in hours when put behind a small block, it's one of the trucks weakest links. I'd probably look at a T-case out of an early to mid 80's 1/2t truck.

    The front CV's and diff will outlast the transfer case but not by long. The only ways to solve this problem are a solid axle swap or keep the tire size below 31" and dont hammer the throttle.

    31" tires are about the largeet you'll want to use on this truck until you address the strength issues with the front and rear axles, the rear will put up with a stock small block but any more and you'll blow it up. A narrowed 10 bolt works great for moderate wheeling behind a slightly built small block. A Ford 9" works even better, and some of the Jeep/Dana 44's fit in like a glove, Look under Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees from the 90s for these last axles, but avoid the Gran Cherokees with aluminium center sections they burn out fast.
    For a solid front axle look at Jeep CJ's from the 70's and 80's 5's or 7's will work they have Dana 44's , avoid Wranglers they use a Dana 30 in front and a 35C in the rear neither axle is good swap material.
  8. TRPLXL2

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    Murdog94- I actually gave my mom my other s10 for a work truck, her Aveo was giving her problems and she didn't have anything to drive. It had a bunch of crap that went wrong in the last year, and I just got fed up with the truck and fixed it and gave it to her. Which is why I picked up this S10, it is old school and simple to work on.

    tbplus10- It's marked 1984 S-10 on the title, so I am guessing that it is correct info? As far as the transmission goes that isn't too big a problem, the one that is in the truck right now is toast as the transmission fluid smells like burnt toast. I actually went to the Goodguys Rod & Custom show today in Columbus Ohio, and I got to talk to the guys from TCI, they had a 700R4 Streetfighter automatic transmission for $999 show special so I bought one. The only modification that has to be done is the dog ears have to be cut off, other than that it should be a perfect fit so we shall see.

    That's good and bad info about the transfer case, because believe it or not it actually works on the truck right now LOL! But you also gave me a starting point to check at the junk yard, hopefully that won't be too big of a modification to make that work in there.

    I actually just read an article about a solid axle swap on an s10, it looked very interesting to say the least. I have a guy that is a certified welder that I am friends with, but that might be a little over my experience level. The truck already has 31 inch tires on it, so I will be able to see just how well it runs with that setup.

    My dad actually has 2 Ford 9" rear ends with 4.10 gears in them, maybe I will see If I can steal one off of him.I was wondering about the Dana axles as well, because I am going to a swap meet next weekend and there are Dana 40's laying around like chord wood.

  9. Eddie Z71

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    Nice find! I bet I know what you will be doing this summer! lol! I hope everything goes great for you on the build. Looking forward to seeing everything you do to your truck! Thanks for the pictures!
  10. tbplus10

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    No problem Amy, if I come up with more notes I'll let ya know.

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