85 gmc brigadier need help with rear axle torque specs

Discussion in 'Medium-duty Truck Forum' started by kdog, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. kdog

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    Having a hard time finding a shop manual for my truck....(do have the big parts manual...which helps) Would anyone mind looking up a couple torque specs for me? One of my rear hubs had two studs that were stripped on the hub side. I picked up a good used hub from A&A Truck Parts....and some new old stock of bearing sets and seal online. So I'm now putting it all back together.... I need the torque spec for 1.) the 5 through bolts/nuts that connect the drum to the hub, 2.) the 8 nuts that secure the axle shaft to the axle housing. I did manage to find the specs for the double axle nut and tanged washer. A little more information... the axle: e23211 (Eaton) the five cast spoke hub: cast 01-08546-002 (Dayton 2399027) Thanks! Kenny
  2. kdog

    kdog New Member

    got my answers....so in case someone else needs the info.....according to the manuals I got off ebay... they make no mention of the torque for the bolt/nut on the hub to drum connection... but they do say 200 foot pounds for the hub stud nut holding the wheels on. So I went with 200 for the hub to drum also. the axle flange nuts are 125 foot pounds...

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