85 Sierra, dead horn, need diagram or pics

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by echohunter, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Howdy .. on my 85 Sierra the horn no longer works after I pulled the wheel a while back and evidently didn't get something back together right. I've looked in the LMC truck catalog and it shows the part breakdown to some extent but doesn't show which way the metal disc is supposed to lay. . I've tried it both ways and still no horn so not sure what else to do?? . .is there supposed to be 12 volts measurable somewhere to see it its even getting power there?? . .and can someone show me a complete parts fiche for the horn assembly so i know I have all the parts in correct order? .. thanks. .

  2. Chris Miller

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    It's not that hard.
    First, make sure the square plastic piece with the two contacts is in properly. It should just poke in there. You can test it by touching a wire to the shaft and the contacts. If the horn works, put the turn signal cam on, then make sure to put the lock plate on plastic-side down. Check it again by plugging the wire into the cam and touching it to the steering shaft. If it works, go ahead and put the wheel back on.

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