86 Chevy K-10 Brake Rotor Removal

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    I am having a problem finding info out on how to continue my rotor replacement. I have auto locking hubs and have managed to figure out how to get most of the "works" out of the hub in order to ultimately remove and replace the brake rotor. But i'm stuck, and the books and info i have don't clearly have the info i need to help me continue. I have removed the cap, one set of small bearings, and the spring/gear assembly.


    And this is what i'm left with....


    I dont see any snap ring or any other way of getting the rest of this "cog" looking item out. It appears that this certainly needs to come out before i can remove the rotor. Maybe i need a special tool? Maybe there is something I'm not seeing under the grease? I dont know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    The outer hub bearing is usually held by a threaded retainer. The flat metal in the second picture looks like it has two holes/dimples that would allow a punch & hammer to turn it allowing it to un-thread. The splined axle looks like it protrudes thru a round collar that should be the male threads.

    My old Willys jeep had two 'nuts w/ a soft washer in between, you had to set the wheel bearing pre-load w/ the first and slide in the washer & tighten the outer nut and fold the edge of the washer over to lock the outer nut so the whole mess wouldn't back out. I'd bet the chevy mechanics had a tool that engauged those two dimples to un-thread the retainer.

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