86 chevy k10 longbox. gears?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by 95chevy, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. 95chevy

    95chevy New Member

    i just bought a all stock 86 chevy k10 pickup. runs awsome but really needs lower gears. whats the lowest i can go with stock differentials? i want to run 4-11 or 4-56s. it will be getting a lift and bigger tires of course.
  2. project86

    project86 Member

    really gonna depend on what your gonna use it for and the transmission that you have in the truck. Also how big of a tire. I have mine on 33's with a 700r4 with 342 gears need to swap it out but i like that my drive gear is in the right rpm range for towing and then overdrive is great for highway speeds to save on mpg
  3. 95chevy

    95chevy New Member

    i was going to do a 4 inch lift and 33s. got the 33s and picked up a 6 inch lift from the neighbor for 200 buks!!!!! so i got a 6 inch lift 33s. and another guy just sold me a turbo 350 and transfer case for 250.00. and........ someone is selling me some k5 half ton axles with 3.73s for 300.00!!!!! kinda feel like i hit the jackpot but now i gota get bigger tires with the 6 inch lift, maybe 35s. what yall think????
  4. grampy

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    Depends on what you are planning on doing and how you drive. I've been off roadin' with people running 1/2t chevys and blazers. If ya start having too much fun (and that's the objective!) those 10 & even 12 bolt axle shafts start breaking pretty regular. I know a couple guys that simply swapped in a 3/4t 14 bolt- instant "bullet" proof. Ya play, Ya gotta pay.
    good luck, Ken

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