86 Topkick with 5.9 Cummings?

Discussion in 'Medium-duty Truck Forum' started by VetteNuts, Dec 4, 2011.

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    I want to put a 5.9 Cummings in my 86 Topkick and ditch the Cat 3208. Anyone have any info on this conversion?

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    Marc that is a nice looking class 8 you have there.
    I would suggest you stop at the local Cummins shop and ask them. If it can be done they will be the best resource. But I recall a farmer in Idaho who made that conversion. Some of those Cummins Techs like to work weekends off the clock on special projects . It might cost you some beer and ribs or steaks but I am certain they will help and save your bank account in doing so.
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    I found a source who has experience with this swap , but the dowload for the link isn't woking. I will try again and post the link ASAP
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    What type front end do you have on your truck?

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    I don't have a Topkick or kodiak but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express. J/K
    I sold HD parts for a good time and was a parts manager for two large trucking firms


    [​IMG] cummins 5.9 in "97 GMC TopKick 5500
    [HR][/HR] [​IMG] Just wanted to tell Power Hungry world that I pulled the 3116 Cat and 5speed tranny out my Topkick. I am putting a cummins 5.9 and RTO9513, thats a Roadranger, Twin counter shaft, Overdrive, 900 ft-lb tourque, 5[​IMG], 13speed.

    The 5.9 is a reman by Todd Ely of PDS Deisel, It was originaly built to be a street/sled puller but the guy ended looseing his job so I scored it for a trade.

    It has Oring head gaskest, APR head studs, APR lower end studs, performace pistons[​IMG], marine injectors, It was set up for twins but, it's getting a S400 turbo and were not quite sure what to run for housing and compressor yet but we will experiment, the pump is a little to wild[​IMG] (like 625 hp on engine dyno) we will put a different pump on since this truck with gross out as 38,000-45,000# 2-3 a week.

    I am plannig on being able to run 75mph empty and get like 10-12 mpg with the OD and 3.36 gears. The 13 spd will be sweet for keeping the engine in the fuel sipping sweet spot most of the time.

    This was the easiest engine/tranny pull yet, thanks to a one peice fiberglass nose.
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