87 k30 w/ rockwells build thread

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by ahmitchell1, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. ahmitchell1

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    Thought I should start a build thread since today I finally brought the 87 and all it's part to the garage to get to work. Pictures soon to come. I have a 1987 k30 long bed and 5 ton rockwells. I've decided that I miss my old bogger and I'm going to go even bigger. The goal is going to be a full 4 link front and rear with dual coil overs in each corner. My last truck died because I had a habit of jumping it. This one is going to be able to handle everything we throw at it. I'm doing a hybrid chassis. Meaning ill keep the stock frame rails but will be doing a full tube cage and additional chassis support. The goal is to clear 63s comfortably

    for the motor I have a 502. I know I will be supercharging it. The only thing I can't decided on is what to run it off of. My dad thinks I need to set it up to run off alcohol but me being cheap wants to stick to premium. My goal is to have at least 750 hp. My dad found me a transfer case and tranny that'll handle all this. Will get the specs later on them. I'm not trying to blow the bank on this build like I did with my 65. All the money will be going into the motor and the tires. I'm lucky to be in the pipe business and have enough steel to do all the chassis and roll cage work.

    Stay tuned for more. This will be a slow build. But when it's done it'll be a bulletproof bogger
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    This will be Sweet Can't wait for the pics.....[​IMG]
  3. ahmitchell1

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    Im super busy with work hopefully I can remember to take some photos up. Right now it's completely torn down. I was going to leave the body as is but my friend got a new media blaster set up and really wanted to use it so when I came to the shop he had it all cleaned up. Now the metal work begins. There's and 2 bad spot. One can corner and a spot on the bed side. I'm notin to loading up bondo to fix things even if it'll never be clean. I'm thinking bout panting it army green. It'll be my first vehicle that isn't black. I got to tear apart the Rockwells. They are in great shape. All I did was clean everything all up and paint the housings. Tomorrow I'm gunna go and find a set of tires to fit the rims I picked up. Looking for some at least 60 inches tall and not to wide. I want to actually makeit through the holes. Wish me luck. After this it'll be sitting for about a week while I design a suspension set up in my head while I'm working in south ga

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