87 Silverado Vinyl / Plastic / PVC Interior Door Panels

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by cyberpine, Jul 22, 2009.

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    you look at www.lmctruck.com? if its still in production some where then they proalby will have it
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    You may have to change out your doors to the 70's models. The earlier door panels don't fit later doors from my experience...they changed the interior of the doors somehow...

    I had a '79 with messed up passenger door, but interior panels were great. I found older ('73-77) doors to replace mine, but '79 interior panels would not fit the older doors. Same goes for even later models; If I'm not mistaken, I think they changed again mid '80's.
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    LMC for the win

    Call and talk to the techies at LMC. Their catalog will show you which panels are "supposed" to fit each year door, but they also usually know which ones can be modified, and how, to fit. They're very good at that stuff.
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    The door shells are the same from 73-76, and then from 77-87. The stamped in mounting holes for the door panels are 2 or 3 inches farther down on the 77-87 doors.
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    So concise! Makes my post(s) look like vomit of the keyboard! Thanks for the clarification. :)

    Good information to have!

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