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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 1slo5oh, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Hi guys...I am first going to have to apolagize for the screen name...lol. As my mustang is my first car I ever owned and I still have it 12 years later. Now I am picking up a 1988 Chevy single cab with a stepside...oh and I forgot to mention...its got a 454.:great: I have owned several chevy trucks through out the years. My latest two were a 1997 chevy ext. cab 5.7l with a whipple charger..2 x 4 drop with chrome impalla wheels....sharp truck and it ran great...next was a 2000 GMC Single cab short bed with a 5.3L....Cam , Heads , and a 125 shot of Nitrous . Leveled the rear with a set of 20's and a cowl hood...That was my vette eater...lol....they never saw it coming. Now to my question at hand...This 88' I am picking up has a ton of potienal...straight body....all in all the truck is in great shape. But I would like to update the interior with the 95-98 int. does the dash and door panels just bolt right up? what about the A/C controls do they just plug right into the new unit or do I need a new wiring harness also? I plan on keeping this truck for a while so I want to do this right. This is gonna be my new vette eater.....its not as fast as my 2000 was right now but oh man does that big block sound good....
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    back in the day I had a sonoma GT lowrider and I remember seeing that swap done quite a bit from the old 88-94 dash to the newer 95 dash, yes it can be done not sure the hardware changeover but it was pretty common. My suggestion would be check out the specific "truck lowrider" mags and web sites, dont get me wrong this is an AWESOME site but not sure this site is into the old lowrider trucks too much, good luck! Keep us updated, and WELCOME!
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    Thanks for the info...I'll google it and see what I come with...Oh and my trucks arent lowriders :lol:....I would have to put 13" gold daytons on them for that.....:rofl:. When I am putting a truck together I never forget what the truck is intended for. I towed my race car to the track with both of the trucks mentioned above....I drive a 04 cummins everday so not really worried about towing and hauling with the 88 but it will be able to if I want it to....I think a tubbed out 88 big block chevy truck towing a mustang to the track would make for a good picture......if anybody has actually done this swap any info is appreciated....

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